Q&A with D. A. Carson on Complementarianism

From The Geneva Push: “Don Carson answers questions arising from his thorough argument for the equality of men and women but their different purposes under God.” You can download the audio here or listen below.


(HT: Derek Brown)


  • Kathryn Elliott Stegall

    Since you’ve brought it up, Denny, here is a question I’ve been thinking about recently.
    Which position conforms to the gospel—
    the standard for sound doctrine
    and conduct in the church?
    1 Timothy 1:11, 3:15

  • Suzanne McCarthy

    Women are functionally inferior, that is loud and clear. And self sacrifice is the domain of men, the head. Because women in giving birth and rearing children never sacrifice themselves? This does not even pretend to be logical.

  • Kathryn Elliott Stegall

    Ummm…..somehow my first comment got erased. I’ll try again. I wonder if the wife of male Bible study leaders with masters degrees and acidic tongues must always be present to help soften words? In fact, where is Dr. Carson’s wife? If he were truly complementarian, in the true sense of the word, wouldn’t she be on this audio with her husband?

    • Akash Charles

      their wives are aware / unlike the world that “Trying to be male”(i.e dissatisfaction for what God created u to be) is not the greatest thing a woman can do!!- rather it is following the bible without manipulating it to suit their worldly desires

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