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President Obama Welcomes the ‘85 Bears to the White House

This is probably my favorite moment of the Obama administration. Yesterday he welcomed the 1985 Chicago Bears to the White House for a belated celebration of their Superbowl victory 26 years ago. The Bears’ trip to the White House was cancelled 26 years ago because of the Challenger disaster, and it never got rescheduled. So President Obama made good on that one today.

I remember that team and that Superbowl. It was fun to hear the President reminisce about the season and the players. Walter Payton was one of the best running backs ever to play the game. Jim McMahon was kind of a nutball, but a really good player. Mike Singletary was just plain bad. I still get pumped up thinking about Mike Singletary’s ability to put the hurt on somebody. It was a thing of beauty. See his video below.

The only person that President Obama forgot to mention was Refrigerator Perry. He was a defensive lineman, but he was also brought in on offense sometimes to be a lead blocker for Walter Payton. In Superbowl XX, he actually got to carry the ball as a fullback, and he scored a touchdown. There’s nothing more fun than seeing a lineman score a touchdown. It’s like watching Mr. Miyagi catch a fly with chopsticks.

And then who could forget the famous “Superbowl Shuffle.” I know it looks corny now, but in 1985 this was really cool. Watch it below.

I’m glad the President took time to welcome these long-in-the-tooth characters to the White House. Great memories. Great reunion.


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