Peyton Manning Chooses Denver Broncos

ESPN reports that Peyton Manning will be going to the Denver Broncos and that Tim Tebow will be traded.

I’m a fan of Peyton Manning, and I’m glad for him and the Broncos. But it’s still a sad story for Colts fans. I was in Indianapolis over the weekend. While driving into town, I passed a billboard with a picture of Peyton Manning on it and a short sentence: “Thanks for the memories.” I got the distinct feeling that the folks in Indy are still grieving their loss.

It’s also a sad story for Tim Tebow. Tebow took a Broncos team that was going nowhere, led them to a string of wins including a victory in the first round of the playoffs. He brought a winning spirit to a down-and-out team and became the 2011 sports story of the year. It was an unlikely run that none of us will soon forget. I hope Tebow lands on his feet somewhere with a team he can win with. I like the idea of him going home and playing for Jacksonville. We’ll see.


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