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Perturbed at Al Mohler?

Dr. Albert MohlerNo, I am not perturbed at Dr. Mohler, but the commenters at the Washington Post‘s “On Faith” blog are. Dr. Mohler has been contributing to this online forum for religious dialog, and his essays seem to be generating the most response from readers. As a matter of fact, the number of comments on Dr. Mohler’s essays have been positively disproportionate. Under Dr. Mohler’s most recent contribution, he has 275 comments (at my last count). Of the other seven panelists, the one closest in number to Dr. Mohler has 51 comments.

I’m a little surprised at the response to Dr. Mohler’s latest contribution, “A Nation of Christians, Not a Christian Nation.” His basic contention is that America is not a Christian nation by creed or constitution, but it does have a citizenry that overwhelmingly claims to be Christian. Dr. Mohler does not endorse or call for a state religion or coerced conversions to Christianity, but for some reason many of the commenters treat him as if he does.

I encourage you to keep your eye on the “On Faith” blog. If nothing else, the panelists are interesting. You have opinions ranging from evangelical Christian to those who are investigating the Christian significance of the divine feminine. Also, go read Dr. Mohler’s recent essay for yourself: “A Nation of Christians, Not a Christian Nation.” I think you’ll see that what he is saying is right on the money.


  • Debbie

    Hi Denny,

    I’m glad to see you like the on faith site. I like Al Mohler and Richard Land the most. I’m surprised the former prime minister of iran, Khetomi, isn’t there. I’ve had some interesting discussions with the muslims and athiests trying to show what the Bible says about Jesus and salvation.

  • Paul Schafer

    I think it is awesome! Even his last few posts on On Faith site, has produced hundreds of commentors compared to the other columnists who have a handful of comments. I am glad the “Truth” in what he is saying is causing the effect, not his charisma. God’s word would be life to some and death to others. The commentors show a love/hate relationship to the truth.

  • Wade

    His article is great! “A Nation of Christians, Not a Christian Nation”.

    I am absolutely in shock over the comments to his article.

    God grant us all mercy and grace…
    Wade C.

  • Paul

    For as much as I get annoyed by both him and Richard Land for occasionally completely twisting the facts to suit the viewpoint, I am glad that he really nailed this one on the head.

    However, I always have been skeptical of the 88% Christian nation figure that gets touted all of the time. Because of that 88%, only 30% goes to church on a regular basis, and of THAT 30%, only 30% of them are actually involved in the church. It’s that last 30% that we need to look at as Christians who not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. And if that’s the case, then there are far fewer Christians in this country than we want to admit. And that saddens me every day.

  • debbie

    I went to a youth conference last week. It’s sad that nearly 90% of teenagers fall out of church when they graduate from high school.

  • Paul

    Probably because we focus waaaaaaay too much on the negative, and not nearly enough on the actual message of Christianity.

    Where are the evangelical churches talking about the goodness of Christ’s message? Where is the call to action beyond “accept Christ or go to Hell?” Where is the message of LIVING the great commission instead of just handing out Chick tracts?

    The first thing that needs to get focused on in our churches is not what not to do, but rather, what to do. We don’t give our kids a clear cut idea of what it means to be a Christian other than “don’t be gay, don’t have an abortion and vote republican.”

    That needs to change. Give people the charge to be a force for positive change in the world, and they’ll commit to it. Tell people what not to do constantly, and they’ll run away looking to find out what they can do.

    And that’s exactly what’s happening.

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