Pacifism vs. Just War

As the war in Iraq continues, controversy persists in America over the morality of war in general and of the Iraq War in particular. American Christians are far from univocal on this point as both Christian pacifists and just war theorists stake their claims in the current debate.

The Spring 2007 issue of the Criswell Theological Review enters this fray in its consideration of “War and Peace.” Contributors to the current volume include figures as diverse as Stanley Hauerwas and Richard Land. Both the pacifist and the just war options are vigorously defended in this issue, yet CTR’s editor says that Tim Erdel’s article presents one of the strongest arguments for pacifism you will ever read.

This is a provocative issue with articles worth your careful consideration. You can order a copy at CTR’s website.


  • Mike Bird

    I am continually impressed with the willingness and way that CTR handles difficult topics and gives both sides of the debate a fair hearing. Bravo!

  • rafe

    First, I would suggest that everyone read Jesus’ words very carefully. Next, in a concise manner, get your Just War argument together in case you have to ‘splain it to Him.

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