Odell Beckham Jr’s catch of the decade

Last night, Odell Beckham Jr. had what many people are calling the best catch by a receiver in a very long time. It was certainly the catch of the day and the catch of the year. But it might also be the catch of the decade and even of the century. The NBC announcer says it’s the best catch he’s ever seen.

Below, Beckham sits with Bob Costas and talks about how he began practicing these difficult one-handed catches when he was playing for LSU. This guy is an amazing athlete. He was impressive at LSU, and now he’s lighting up the NFL. #GeauxTigers

One Comment

  • Chris Taylor

    First, it was kind of cool that just minutes before, they were showing this same player catching balls during practice one-handed and talking up his skill levels.

    Second, just after it happened, I said that this was the best catch I had ever seen in my life.

    Third, it would have been hard to make that catch with two hands, not just one.

    Fourth, the reason the announcer says that the catch was impossible may have to do with the fact that he’d’n’t just catch it with one hand, but with just three fingers!

    Fifth, as I thought about it later, it dawned on me that someone should be investigating his gloves. That was impossible under normal conditions. PEDs may have just been one upped by PEE (equipment).

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