Nowitzki Will Win MVP Trophy

ESPN reports that the star of the Dallas Mavericks will win the MVP trophy. Asked for comment on finishing the season with an astounding 67 wins, Nowitzki said: “I’ve said it a million times: We could go 82-0 and we know it means nothing unless we win it all.”

There are many fans here in Big “D” who couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.


  • Everett

    Dirk has once again shown that there is a fine line between being a great player who allows his teammates to contribute to winning a game and a great player who knows when and how to take over a game for the sake of the team. But as Mav’s fans now seem to be chanting, there’s always next year.


  • Joe B.

    Dirk underachieved in the playoff series. Any observor gets that. What has been largely missed in the evaluation of the Mavs rapid exit from the playoffs is the inability of a coaching staff to get their star player good opportunities to score. They lived and died (mostly died) with the isolation post up on the wing where Golden State could run double or triple teams at Dirk. I like Avery as a coach but where was the double curl they ran to Dirk all year or the baseline pick (I saw it once the whole series!). The Warriors tried to take Dirk out of the office and the Mavs coaching staff seemed content to let that happen. How do you let the MVP go entire quarters with one or two plays run to get him open? Dirk is as good as any player in the game right now but he’s not a guy who can start every possession with the ball in his hands and be effective. He’s a 7′ wonder but there’s never been a “4” or a “5” who can take over a game without someone getting him the ball or some coach running a play to get him the ball.

    Dirk didn’t shoot the ball well. Don Nelson got in his head and that can’t happen (and that responsiblity is on Dirk and Avery to keep it from happening. Coaches do things all of the time to get players going. How come Avery couldn’t do that with the MVP?). But in spite of the fact Dirk didn’t shoot well and Jet or Avery didn’t run plays to get him the ball, He led the series in rebounding. He played pretty solid defense and he single handedly won game 5.

    On a personal note – I think the real reason the MAVS lost was to help me be a better husband – which I don’t do as well at during MAVS games!

  • Jeff

    The big problem with the Mavericks against the Warriors was that they had no post-up game to exploit the Warriors’ lack of size (notice how effective Carlos Boozer has been for the Jazz against the WArriors with his back-to-the-basket post-up game). Both of the Mavericks centers are on the roster for defense and rebounding, not offense. Nowitzki is the best jump-shooting big man since Larry Bird, but he doesn’t have the post-up game to exploit an undersized team like the Warriors.

    This current Mavericks team was really built to beat the San Antonio Spurs in 2006, so it didn’t match up well with this year’s Warriors. The Spurs from 1999-2006 were built to beat Shaquille O’Neal, so they couldn’t beat the Mavericks in 2006. A lot of NBA teams are built to beat last year’s challenge.

  • thelegendoftimrattay

    I hate Dirk and the Mavericks, used to like them until I lived in Dallas and everyone shoved him and Steve Nash down my throat. I love to see him lose. Plus he is foreign, so I like him even less. I hate all Maverick fans and wish herpes on the whole lot of them.

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