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I love it that Tebow went in the first round. He’s a winner, and the Broncos won’t look back on this decision. Here’s an excerpt of the report from the Palm Beach Post:

ESPN’s Mel Kiper trashed Tim Tebow at the Senior Bowl, calling him a fourth-round pick who will have to switch to tight end in the NFL. Former quarterback Joe Theismann suggested that Tebow retire in January to save himself from embarrassment as a professional.

Few people thought Tebow would be a first-round pick.

Instead, the quarterback with the strong faith and growing endorsement list proved them all wrong Thursday night when the Denver Broncos selected Tebow with the 25th pick of the first round of the NFL Draft. Tebow was the second quarterback taken, behind Sam Bradford (No. 1 overall) but ahead of Colt McCoy and Jimmy Claussen, who many expected to be selected ahead of Tebow but who were not drafted in the first round.


  • Matt Svoboda

    Kiper and Theismann are still right in their player assessment. Being drafted in the first round means very little. There have been TONS and TONS of round 1 busts…. Tebow will join that list.

    Denver is really dumb for taking him over two QBs that will be much better in the pros. I think the PR guys in Denver made this call.

  • Matt Svoboda


    I really hope so. I don’t want him to bust… But 1 team out of 32 liked him and a majority of the experts said that he will not be a good NFL QB. I think they are right. Of course Christians and Gator fans wont admit it…

    I always thought he would be a good TE… I dont see whats wrong with him playing TE. He has size speed, versatility, a good TE package.

    Listen, we are talking about the NFL: it takes more than guts and will to be good. In the NFL you have to have the talent and skill to go with it. Is Tebow talented and skilled? Yes, but not in the ways he needs to be in order to make a good NFL QB. A good TE? Probably.

  • Dan

    Since I moved to Colorado in 2008, I’ve been on the fence about whether I should like the Broncos. Tebow has made me an instant fan. Maybe in a few years when he’s a starter I’ll have saved up enough to buy tickets.

    I suspect there are others out there like me. Tebow will make the Broncos money even if he doesn’t improve their record right away, which means McDaniels will get to keep his job a little while longer.

  • Matthew Staton

    I’m a lifelong Broncos fan. John Elway cast a long shadow. His miracles in the last couple minutes of a game (not including some Super Bowls!!!) are legendary. Denver is a loyal sports town that loves its football and has loved it quarterbacks. I really hope this proves to be a long-term win/win for Denver and for Tebow.

  • Matt Svoboda


    I will say this… Before the draft I thought that there were 2 teams that Tebow might do well and with Denver was one of them… With that said, I still think it is a really, really long shot.

  • Brian Krieger

    I agree with the talk I’ve heard lately around the water cooler. Most NFL picks are a crap shoot (see Ki-Jana Carter, Ryan Leaf, Byron Leftwich, etc. and Keenan McCardell (sic), Shannone Sharpe, Tom Brady, etc.).

    I do slightly disagree about the guts comment. I think that we see the field littered with incredibly talented guys who were a bust (I have a whole theory about that) as well as guys who had “OK” talent but had the tenacity to pursue. Of course, talent will go further since in a lot of cases those guys have physical discipline instilled in them to a certain level.

    Given that, I believe that Tebow will excel. But I may eat those words as well.

    Judd: No changies! No changies!

  • Matt Svoboda

    Here’s a question:

    Why do all Christians exalt Tebow so much? I know SEC fans are quite unaware of everything outside the SEC, but Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford are very outspoken about their faith in Christ as well. Yet, if McCoy was taken 25th and not Tebow this post wouldnt exist… I dont get the exaltation of Tim Tebow. He was great in college and he is a good Christian witness, just like Bradford and McCoy…

  • Darius

    Matt, it’s because the media isn’t aware of anything besides SEC football. Funny thing happened yesterday though at the NFL, Meet the Big 12 Day…

  • Scott

    Great point Matt. Both Bradford & McCoy are great kids, and both are outspoken about their faith. I don’t get the infatuation with Tebow – there are tons of guys on NFL rosters deeply committed to their faith, unfortunately they don’t receive the hype or the spotlight.

    I think a lot of teams passed on McCoy because of concerns about the injury he suffered in the bowl game. His intangibles (arm strength, accuracy, speed) are certainly better than Tebow’s.

    How did that guy play four years at Florida without getting his mechanics corrected?

  • Darius

    Scott, have you seen any Florida games? “Tebow sneaks for two yards… Tebow jump-throws for 4 yards… Tebow hands it off” That was their offense. It was one of the most boring yet successful offenses in history. And it didn’t prepare Tebow one bit for real football. When they took on OU two years ago, he got rocked, throwing two TERRIBLE interceptions in the first half and looking lost in general. It was only because of Percy Harvin and OU’s inability to finish drives that they weren’t blown out by the Sooners. Based on what he’s entering the league with, I think Tebow is pretty clearly major bust material. HOWEVER, because his head is screwed on straight, you never know, with the right coach he might have some success.

  • Ryan K.

    As someone who is a life long Bronco fan and lives in Denver I can tell you that SEC fans and Denny may be glad about this pick, but we are not.

    It is a dark rainy day here in Denver and that seems to match the mood of Bronco fans over the Tebow pick. Most of us had to stop ourselves from drinking a bottle of anti-freeze after being brought to by smelling salts with the Tebow pick.

    Maybe I will tweet him though and see if he wants to come to my church… jk

  • Matt Svoboda


    That would be hilarious.

    And thank you for pointing out that even Bronco fans think this was a dumb pick.

    Why would you give up mid-round draft picks to get Tebow at 25? Dumb, dumb, dumb… He is at least 3 years out of being ready to play.

  • Matt Svoboda

    Only one thing is obvious about the first round:

    Tebow at 25 was by far the worst decision made by a team. Even if Tebow pans out they could of easily gotten him in round 2 without giving up draft picks!

  • John Holmberg


    Let’s be honest here, please. Just because Tebow is a conservative Christian doesn’t mean you have to say he will grow wings and fly. There’s no need to exalt him so much. You think he’s going to succeed not because of his talent level or work ethic, but just because he’s a conservative Christian. Face it, the guy just won’t pan out in the NFL, and the Broncos are morons for choosing him. I love Tebow, I will root for him, I am a Christian, and I am an SEC guy, but this was a stupid pick.

    Do you have a poster of this guy on your door that you touch every morning or something?

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