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News Coverage of Fred Luter’s Election

I would not have missed being in New Orleans for the election of Fred Luter for anything. One thing that I did miss, however, was the television news coverage of the historic election. The convention meetings kept me busy, and there was very little time to track news reports. I can imagine that many other Southern Baptists at the meeting missed those reports as well. So I’m posting here a round-up of some news coverage that folks may have missed if they were attending the convention. See below.

NBC Nightly News

ABC News – Fred Luter as “Person of the Week”

CNN Starting Point – Post-election Interview with Fred Luter

CNN – Fred Luter answers question about gay marriage

MSNBC – Martin Bashir and Jesse Jackson discuss Luter’s election

CNN Video of the Election

CNN News Room – Interview with Rev. David Crosby

Luter’s post-election press conference


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