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Nashville Studio Singers Record “It Is Well” with Their Phones

Isn’t it astonishing that, the worse things get, the more Christians sing? The video above was released yesterday by a group of Nashville Studio musicians called the Ten Two Six Music Group. Incredibly, they recorded this on their phones!

I was delighted to see an old college friend of mine in this one. His name is Jason Barton, and among other things he sings with Amy Grant as well as his own band 33 Miles. So to Jason: Salute, brother!

Here’s the full story on the song as it was reported by the NBC affiliate in Nashville:

Many people are working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, but what if your job is as a studio background vocalist?

Nashville has a deep talent pool when it comes to singers. Some have sung background for the biggest stars you’ve heard of, all kinds of records, even performed demo recordings for songs that went on to become a giant smash hit.

So if you can’t gather in groups larger than ten, if you’re supposed to sanitize every surface you can if you go to work, then hundreds of studio performers who live here have no options. They’re out of work.

Someone had the idea to each sing “it is well with my soul” on their phones.

They emailed it to a producer and he put it all together to come up with this absolutely AMAZING video/recording.

Thank you to Pamela Furr for sharing this with us, and thank you as well to Ten Two Six Music Group, and David Wise who arranged it.

And of course thank you to the brilliant singers who put their work into it.