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My Prediction about Broncos vs. Patriots

No matter what happens in tonight’s game against the Patriots, Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos have given us something special this season. When Tebow took the starting job, the Broncos were in football purgatory. At 1-4, the Broncos organization had all but written-off the 2011 season to begin planning on how to rebuild for 2012. Tebow was given the starter job, but no one really expected him to do anything with it. The owners were placating the fans and using Tebow as a placeholder until the Broncos could find a franchise quarterback for next season. At least that was the conventional wisdom.

But Tebow wasn’t in to conventional wisdom, much less into losing. He went on to lead the Broncos to seven more wins and to secure a place for them in the playoffs. Tebow led his team to victory often in spectacular fashion, in amazing and improbable fourth quarter comebacks that we hardly ever see in the NFL. In spite of the fact that he does not have the passing skills of a prototypical NFL quarterback, Tebow believed. He led his team to believe. And they won game after game.

After three disappointing losses at the end of the regular season, it looked like the Tebow magic had finally burned out. No one expected the Broncos to be a match in the first playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the defending AFC champions. It was win or go home, and John Elway told Tebow before the game to “pull the trigger.” And pull the trigger he did. Tebow completed 10 passes for 316 yards. And the guy who would “never make it in the NFL because of his poor passing” won his first playoff game in the first play of overtime with an 80 yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas.

Tim Tebow is a great leader, and he is a devout evangelical Christian. His faithfulness off the field has been as impressive as his determination on the field, and it is what has made him America’s quarterback. I haven’t had this much fun pulling for a professional team since Roger Staubach was playing for the Dallas Cowboys. This is a special year to be a fan thanks to Tim Tebow.

What do I think will happen in tonight’s game? Can the Broncos win? Yes. Do I think it is likely that they will win? No. If I were a betting man, I would have my money on the Patriots. I don’t think Denver has the secondary to hold Brady under 40 points. But that won’t keep me from pulling for the Broncos. Nor does it really matter what I think anyway. Tebow and the Broncos have already shown that they know how to demolish conventional wisdom. I would love it for them to prove us all wrong once again.

P.S. For my whole life, I have loved NFL films. The historic footage, the grave narration, the sideline chatter, the tell-tale slow-motion playbacks, and that music. I love all of it. NFL films has already produced a short on the Bronco’s improbable victory over the Steelers last Sunday. Don’t miss this one. You can watch it here.

P.P.S. Here’s the scripture Tebow posted on his Twitter account before today’s game:

Romans 8:37-39 But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


  • Bob Hadley

    Right there with you Denny!! I met Tebow at a NASCAR race a couple weeks ago after his senior year at Florida. I was asked what I thought about him. I said, I am NOW a fan; since he is no longer a Gator (I am a TN Volunteer)

    We will be watching tonight and thinking another 316 passing yards tonight would be super! Great story, win or lose and for sure a Tremendous individual that kids everywhere can look up to! What a refreshing change indeed.


  • donsands

    If Tebow beats Brady, you will hear me screaming all the way from here in Baltimore Maryland! Man, would that be great. Then my Ravnes will take Tebow on, after we beat Houston mañana.

    Have a terrific Lord’s day my brother. Come back soon Lord Jesus! Nevertheless, Your will be done! Amen.

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