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John 3:16 Showed Up Again in the Bronco’s Loss

John 3:16 showed up again in during last night’s game between the Broncos and the Patriots. But this time it wasn’t the number of Tebow’s passing yards (not by a long shot!) or a verse printed on his eye-black. It actually didn’t have anything to do with what happened on the field.

Focus on the Family sponsored a commercial that appeared during a break in the second quarter. The ad features several children quoting the text of John 3:16. I thought it was very well done. Not only did it communicate the simple truth of the gospel in John 3:16, it also emphasized a pro-life message. The pro-life overtones were illustrated in the children who did the reading, in the stress on God’s love for “every” person, and in the emphasis on the term “life.”

I am not sure if the average viewer would have perceived the pro-life message, but the gospel message was very clear. You can watch the commercial above.


  • yankeegospelgirl

    LOL. I was looking at the “Jesus Needs New PR” guy’s twitter, and he was complaining about the fact that FOF sponsored the ad because “FOF doesn’t really love EVERYBODY.” So all those pathetic attempts to move FOF further to the left since Dobson’s been gone? Pffffft. Wasted. They’re selling their soul and not even getting Wales for it. (That’s a reference to _A Man For All Seasons_).

  • Paula

    Someone on PJ Media posted a video last night of Kobe Bryant scoring 42 points with the headline “Doing it Without Jesus:. Obviously a cheap shot a Tebow. Clearly, these folks don’t comprehend that every breath, every heartbeat, every athletic ability is given to us by Jesus, who sustains life on this planet. The FOTF video is a beautiful reminder not only of God’s love, but of his sovereignty if one cares to think about it more deeply.

  • jeff weddle

    Is the asking for money at the end a refutation of all that went before it? The world’s one stereotype of the Church is that we’re always asking for money, why do we feel the need to encourage this stereotype?

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