Mom Cares for Daughter in Coma for Nearly 40 Years

This story needs to be remembered. When Edwarda O’Bara was 16 years old, she slipped into a coma after a becoming sick from her diabetes medicine. Just before losing consciousness, Edwarda asked her mother not to leave her. And for nearly 40 years she never did. Edwarda’s mother and father cared for her. They read to her, played her music, made she was turned every two hours, bathed her, gave her insulin and provided nourishment through a feeding tube.

Edwarda slipped into her coma in 1970. Her father and mother took care of her until 1976 when her father died. Her mother cared for her until 2008 when she died. Edwarda lived four years longer than her mother and was cared for by her sister for the last four years. Edwarda passed away last week.

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  • dr. james willingham

    There is something truly humbling about such devotion to duty in caring for another human being. It shames all of us who grow impatient and resentful, if we are called upon to perform seemingly endless and repetitive tasks for the benefit of others. Seeing such things as an expression of God’s will for us and of the way of love is sadly wanting in our day. All we can say, as we ought to say, in the presence of such demonstrating as that cited above is, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

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