Michael Gerson on the iPad

“I like my Kindle’s battery life. I can’t type on the iPad’s maddening virtual keyboard. But really there is no comparison. The iPad is one of the most elegant, useful, astoundingly cool objects ever produced by the mind of man. Da Vinci would drool. Newton would show an equal and opposite attraction. Edison would ignore the objections of his wife and buy one, preferably the model with 64 gigabytes…

“The combination of the Internet and the iPad has changed our relation to the written word forever. The Information Age is now affordable, portable, intuitively organized and infinitely customizable. All future content, including books and newspapers, will need to assume the shape of this innovation.”

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One Comment

  • Robert

    Apple does an awesome job at manipulating people into believing something is great when it’s really trivial. It’s the new way to build/sell gadgets.

    I suppose it will take some time for people to be able to see through all the fluff to the reality they hold in their hands.

    I guess when that happens, us user interface/experience designers will have to come up with something else.

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