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Mark and Grace Driscoll on “The View”

Mark and Grace Driscoll appeared on “The View” this morning to talk about the book Real Marriage. Like the book, this is not for kids. Definitely a PG-13 rating or higher. You can watch it below.


  • Jonathan

    Thought they handled it pretty well. Whoopi was none too pleased with them being on there. That was quite obvious.

  • Bruce H.

    It was obvious that this whole segment was for sex between a husband and wife. The homosexual question was a “throw-down” to take the subject in a different direction and it didn’t work.

    I would never have gone on that show because it only mocks people for entertainment.

  • donsands

    Mark is such an incredible brother in Christ. At times he drives me crazy, and other times he inspires me. God moulds His pastors all the same in the Word, according to the Gospel, and yet he allows us to have our various personalities. Mark is so different than I am. Yet, I appreciate him.

    He said, “We are Bible believing Christians. I wish Baba Wawa would have followed up with a question about that statement. Mark would have shared his hope in gentle-boldness and reverence I’m sure.

    Thanks for posting this. It’s difficult for many in the Church to talk about masterbation, and other aspects of sexual activity. I think there’s a godly way to do so, and even then it shall be awkward; or at least should be.

  • Nathan

    I liked the segment. I record the View every day (I bet you can’t guess what that reveals about me – wink). Mark’s answer to Joy’s question about homosex was perfect. Had Mark continued to say that his view should be legislated, then I would have a problem with what he said. For the record, I disagree with Mark’s views on masculinity and his _political_ position on homosex, but none of that raised its ugly head in the segment…

  • julie

    Isn’t it bad enough that driscoll says and writes things that nobody wants to hear – well, at least biblical Christians shouldn’t want to hear it, especially from a PASTOR? But after he says it or writes it then he gets a forum on almost everybody’s blog to say it again. It’s disgusting and I for one do not appreciate it one bit.

    If you want to read filth or hear it, the world has plenty of material to choose from. why give a so-called Christian pastor a forum to restate his filth?

    Why lend any credibility to driscoll at all? O.k. he can speak well at times. Doesn’t this actually makes his filth even more despicable because it means that he actually knows better, but says it anyway?

  • donsands

    Julie, I would think Mark thinks he is speaking the truth of life, within the biblical context. And he doesn’t have an awkwardness with the more unruly words to explain the truth of life within the perimeters of the Bible.
    I wish he did have an awkwardness to some degree, for it is healthy i think. But we also need to be able to talk about sexual things as children of our Lord.

    That’s my take on Mark. I don’t particularly jive with Mark’s preaching and teaching. He’s not on my wave-length, so to say. As a pastor he doesn’t feed me with the Word at all. He is a brother in Christ, who has a boldness, and I appreciate that.

    RC Sproul, Sinclair Ferguson, Alistair Begg, JC Ryle, David Crum, David Shive, and many others are teachers and preachers who feed me the Word.

  • Bruce H.

    The subject discussed would be more of a private matter. My wife was offended to see the subject presented in an open manner. For sex to be as sensitive as it needs to be we must keep it within the privacy of the married couple and scripture. Any exposure of our private exceptions would be considered out of place with scripture. We pray in our closet and we have sex in the privacy of our bedroom. Adding more than everyone can accept would offensive.

  • Christiane

    the term ‘unwholesome’ comes to mind . . . my sympathies are with Mrs. Driscoll, and I wish her husband had honored her privacy as his wife and the privacy of their marital union.

    I think he did wrong. And I think she did not deserve to lose her dignity in this way.

    Gentlemen, you can be prepared for women to be sickened by some of this type of thing, so don’t be surprised when we are.

    • Dillon

      I’m no fan of Mark Driscoll’s Christiane but how do you know it isn’t his wife that’s been encouraging him to write the book, do all the talk shows, and so on. Frankly, I believe Driscoll’s views on this are satanic, to be rather harsh. But, isn’t it just like satan to use one person to get to another or vice versa.

  • Jeremy

    What a hostile environment to bring that message to! Might as well been on Taliban Live. Whoopi looked like a two year old throwing a fit! I wonder what Mark’s purpose was – his book is obviously written to Christians.

  • Christy

    I would just like to say that I love Pastor Mark and his wife Grace! I have had the great opportunity of visiting Mars Hill a couple of times. First of all Mark is truly a man of God and speaks truth from the Bible. I love the fact that Mark says it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything and steps on toes. It’s so nice to know that there is a pastor out there who isn’t afraid to speak truth on sex. There is nothing wrong with talking about sex as long as it is biblical and that is exactly what mark teaches.

  • Jeremy

    Wow. It is really sad to see such legalistic attacks on a brother in Christ. Also, please don’t put yourself in a place of speaking for Grace. She is an adult who has the ability to speak for herself and shares her husbands vision. A question for all those attacking Mark: “When was the last time you lead someone to the Lord that didn’t share your cultural tastes?” (Music, entertainment, dress, etc)

  • Larry

    driscoll’s were also on 700 club also – looks like a book tour to me. I wonder if the view would ask them to come on the show to speak to Salvation – I think not.

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