LSU Turns a Corner

The Gators think they have the win after a touchdown that puts Florida ahead 29-26 late in the fourth quarter. LSU gets the ball back with just over three minutes left in the game. The Tigers drive down the field and get stopped on fourth down on Florida’s 45 yard line. With everything on the line, the Mad-hatter Les Miles calls a fake field goal. It works! The Tigers get the first down to keep the drive alive. After a few plays, Jarret Lee throws the ball into the endzone for the win. What an unbelievable game!

The LSU Tigers did something very difficult tonight. They went into the Swamp and beat the Gators. In doing so, the Tigers finally turned a corner. Last week they won on accident. This week they won on purpose. They finally executed in the two areas that they were lacking. They finally got some offense, and they finally got some clock management. I am no fan of a two quarterback offense, but it’s working right now for the Tigers. So I’m all for it.

LSU’s defense has been top-notch all year. In fact, it’s the only reason that they’ve managed to stay undefeated up until this point. If LSU can consolidate its offensive gains, then they are legitimate contenders for the SEC championship. That being said, the SEC is a meat-grinder, and LSU has some big games in front of them: Alabama at home, Auburn and Arkansas away. They could pull out all three, but it will be very difficult.

For now, I will enjoy this win. It was a great game. Geaux, Tigers!


  • Barry

    Matt, you’re dreaming. Keep your corn-fed boys dreaming of competing with the SEC!

    Great game! Great ending. Does Miles just manufacture nail-biters for the thrill of it? I am just amazed at the gambles he will take – and win. Wow, just wow.

    Good to see LSU show up and actually play. SEC football at its finest.

    Matt, I am just talking smack. I’ve not even seen your Huskers play. But then again, there’s only one conference worth watching . . .

  • Larry Geiger

    I thought last year that S. Carolina looked like they were going somewhere. This may be their year.

    Flat Gators. Flat. Flat. Like they wandered out on the highway and got run over by a semi! Flat as a pancake. Pretty good defense, pitiful offense. It’s starting to look like the offensive inspiration was Tebow, and not the coaches. It certainly doesn’t seem to be Brantley!

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