LSU Rolls over Kentucky

LSU was expected to win this game, and they did in decisive fashion. But not everything here is positive. LSU’s defense played exceptionally well, but the offense looked like they were taking the day off. I know that it is hard to get pumped up for a game with Kentucky in the same way that you did against Oregon and West Virginia. There’s an energy factor that is missing in the smaller games. Nevertheless, a championship team has to play with more discipline than LSU’s offense did in this game. They only had 14 points in the first half, and that is not good.

Jordan Jefferson made his first showing of the season after being reinstated from his suspension. He looked rusty, but he’s good even when he’s rusty. I understand why Coach Miles likes him. They can run the option with Jefferson in a way that is not possible with Lee, and Jefferson is just more of a threat in general on the ground than Lee will ever be. That being said, Lee has led the team to a 5-0 record, and that is nothing to sneeze at. LSU is deep, and they have shown that their depth applies even to the quarterback position.

One last thing: Tyrann Mathieu for Heisman. What an unbelievable player.


  • Matt

    He is no better than Peterson or Suh, the man has no chance for Heisman. Suh put up better numbers and more dominant performances than any other DT in the history of college football and he couldnt win it.

    Sadly, it is an offense-only award now.

  • Doug

    Are you going to be ready for Alabama? They looked really good last night and have a cake schedule leading up to the big game (Vandy, Ole Miss, TN and then a bye). I anticipate that whoever wins that game wins the BCS Championship.

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