LSU Poised for Smackdown vs. Tarheels

LSU’s season opener is on Saturday night. With this news today, they are poised to put the hurt on the North Carolina Tarheels. Twelve North Carolina players–including 6 starters–have been ruled ineligible to play in the season opener versus the Tigers.


  • Dave Miller

    I don’t understand why people use blog space to write about football when the Yankees have the best record in baseball.

    It is important not to get distracted by minor things like football until the Yankees win the World Series or (since this is an evil world) are eliminated from the playoffs.

  • Matt Svoboda


    I saw a report that said they will be missing 13 players, including 7 defensive starters. Whatever the exact number is, UNC is missing over half their defense. It should be a 20 point game.

    If UNC can even keep this close it will be a positive for them. But, if LSU is as good as theyre supposed to be it will be a 20 point game- we shall see! I am glad college football is back!

  • Nate

    College Football is so corrupt with coaches and schools using college kids to get rich. Nick Saban, Urban Meyer and most of the big time college coaches make the Yankees look like altar boys.

    But the competition is great. They should just go ahead and pay these kids or don’t make them go to class while playing. Give them scholarships and let them go to school for free after they don’t get drafted by the NFL so that they can actually get a degree worth using because they certainly can’t study while playing.

    I know there are exceptions, but very few.

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