Louisiana Tech Wins Independence Bowl

On Sunday night, I was privileged to be in Shreveport, Louisiana to see my alma mater Louisiana Tech University defeat Northern Illinois in the Independence Bowl. Even though Tech’s appearance in this bowl was due to the SEC and Big 12’s inability to produce enough bowl eligible teams, I couldn’t be happier that the Bulldogs put together this win. I have followed many disappointing seasons over the years, and this opportunity and victory have been a long time in coming.

Here are some reflections on the game:

1. Interpreting the Win. This win doesn’t by any means establish Tech as a great football program. It does, however, signal that the team is headed in the right direction. In time, Tech could have the capability of putting together a 10-win season that would include victories over one or two ranked opponents. This is precisely what Boise State has achieved (a school in Tech’s conference), and Tech should be aspiring to the same kind of excellence. It’s possible, but we aren’t there yet.

2. Recruiting. Tech has always struggled with the fact that LSU has Louisiana sown up in terms of recruiting. LSU gets the top players. A bowl win can only help Tech in future efforts to attract the best athletes to the school. I look forward to seeing what happens in the coming months.

3. Coaching. Tech’s head coach Derek Dooley is the former protégé of Nick Saban and the son of iconic Georgia coach and athletic director Vince Dooley. Tech needs to do whatever it can to keep Dooley for as long as possible. It takes time to build a great program, and I hope Dooley’s tenure is long enough to do it. We’ll see.

How ’bout them Dawgs!


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  • rafe

    Sure, this will not garner any national headlines but, in the context La Tech athletics–it is a HUGE deal!

    It’s excited the fanbase and has created the possibility to gain more fans (not a small accomplishment in North Louisiana).

    It gives us alot of momentum for recruiting and heading into next season. Louisiana Tech is not gonna beat out LSU for any recruits, but we need first pick of the leftovers. This is a very talent-rich state and LSU can only sign so many. If Tech can move ahead of schools like Tulsa, TCU, Southern Miss and the like by becoming the popular “2nd choice” for regional athletes–we’ll be getting somewhere.

    Now, if we could just pull-off another big win in the regular season (Auburn, Navy, and LSU are on next year’s schedule) and compete for a WAC title–then, Louisiana Tech would deserve a national headline!

  • rafe

    You’re right, Matt. Les Miles makes LSU susceptible to losing to just about anybody. If he spent half as much energy developing a gameplan as he does enunciating his words, they might have a better shot. He’s definitely a “slow blinker”.

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