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Lin Leads Knicks to 7th Straight Win

The Knicks snagged their 7th straight win tonight with Lin as a starter. I know the last couple of weeks have been all about Jeremy Lin, but you’re missing his contribution if you’re only counting the points he puts up on the board. Lin is leading these guys to play team ball—the kind of ball that led the Mavericks to a championship last year. Tonight’s stats bear this out. Lin only scored 10 points, but he had 13 assists. No player for the Knicks had more than 19 points, yet the team still managed to put 100 points on the board. In a league filled with selfish superstars, this new emphasis on the team may be Lin’s greatest contribution.

A lot of people have been comparing Lin to Tim Tebow lately. Tonight brings out one other point of comparison. Tebow came into the starting position late and led his team to seven regular season wins. Lin came into his starting position late and has now led his team to 7 wins. Seven was Tebow’s ceiling. Will Lin outstrip Tebow or will 7 be his ceiling as well? There are a lot more games in basketball, so Lin is bound to blow past Tebow in number of games won. We’ll have to check the percentage of wins at the end of the season to get a true comparison.

One more thing: Tyson Chandler’s remarks after the game show why Lin is a special player. Chandler put it this way, “This kid is the most humble kid in the world.” Watch it below.

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