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Let’s remember the baby boy whose brain was harvested in Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill

The video above is beyond horrific. In it, Holly O’Donnell gives a first person account of a little boy who survived a Planned Parenthood abortion with heart still beating. Instead of trying to save the boy’s life, O’Donnell and another worker cut his face open, removed his brain, and sold it for research.

No matter your views on abortion, everyone agrees that it is an atrocity to kill a living human infant outside the womb. Moreover, everyone recognizes that killing a live human infant outside the womb is infanticide. There is no question that what O’Donnell describes is a murder in cold blood.

God help us as a people if we are ready for this story to go away so that we can think about other things. God help us if we forget that little boy born alive, left to die, and mutilated to sell his brain. God help us if we are so infected by pro-abortion propaganda that we will not think about that little boy’s body cast aside as medical waste. God help us if our consciences are so seared by our political allegiances that we ignore this precious life brutally ended in a Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading abortion provider–over 300,000 every year. Planned Parenthood sells countless baby body parts to researchers every year. And the federal government subsidizes this monstrous organization to the tune of half a billion dollars annually. Obviously, the federal funding must cease. But more than that needs to happen. There needs to be investigation and prosecution of the homicides committed by Planned Parenthood personnel.

This is not a shady, gray moral issue. No, this is clear. This horror cannot stand. This horror must not stand. If we as a people cannot muster the moral courage to end this, then we will deserve whatever judgments we receive. God help us.


  • Kevin Cuthbertson

    Unfortunately, Not everyone does agree that killing an infant outside of the womb is an atrocity. We passed that point long ago.

    • Christiane Smith

      In Rome, in the earliest days of the Church, unwanted new-born babies were thrown into the river to die, but Christians would try to save the babies by taking them into their boats. If ‘we’ think about our own involvement in how we witness to the world today, perhaps ‘we’ need to look at how we presented our ‘way’ to others. Are we enough of a ‘contrast’ to those who throw away the unwanted, the undesirable?

      I read something in a spiritual blog by Rev. Dan K. Phillips that has made me reconsider Christian ‘witness’, and I will share it here:
      “I have come to a conclusion that we have missed the truth of the gospels.
      We have made their message too easy. We have clothed it in a magical
      secularism. We have claimed a God without sacrifice. We have blamed
      others for our own infidelities. Our patience has grown dim and we have
      cast out the fallen brother.
      We have not seen the hurt in our neighbors eye, yet still call ourselves

      My point is this: ‘We’ are responsible to Our Lord for our own witness to Him before this world. What does the world see in us? Can the world see His Presence in our witness? Would the early Christians have recognized us as their own?

  • bridget1051

    God help us if….it’s not even a question of if. All you have to do is peruse FB and even among Christians you will find comments galore on the latest recipe or great pic from the past. But bring up the fact that babies are being butchered on a daily basis or post one of these videos of PP and there seems to be a collective yawn. Yes, God help us!

  • Ian Shaw

    Killing outside the womb is the same as Gosnell did. That is a one for one equivalency here. I heard it on the radio yesterday and those trying to tell this news had a hard time explaining it as they were overcome with grief.

    And we wonder why there is a culture of murder in this country. It starts with a lack of respect and dignity for human life.

    Is this the final video or will there be an 8th?

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