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Lampooning Emergents

Ted Kluck is one of the most hilarious guys on the planet. He has a piece on his blog lampooning an emerging website that is laugh-out-loud funny (HT: Kevin DeYoung). He writes:

“I have tried my best, at times, to satirize the late, great Emergent Church movment, and I have to admit all of my efforts pale in comparison to this website, which is completely serious.”

So go check out this bit of hilarity from Ted. Also, go check out his new book Kinda Christianity: A Generous, Fair, Organic, Free-Range Guide to Authentic Realness. I just ordered it from, and you should too (if you’re in to that kind of thing). Here’s a description of the book:

“So you’re ready to take the plunge. Ready to translate your quest into action! Without defining yourself, and certainly without boxing yourself into one particular rigid way of doing theology or church, you’re ready to become emergent. You have a username and clever screen name picked out at Emergent Village(tm), and maybe you’ve even begun having church in an empty warehouse in the industrial sector of your city. If so, good for you! But those are just the first, baby steps in your journey (your dance, if you will) into Kinda Christianity. This book will help you along the rest of your uniquely creative path to super-terrific self-discovery.”


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