LA Tech Earns National Rank in Both Polls

LSU lost to Florida on Saturday, just as I predicted they would last week. That’s all I have to say about that.

In other news, my LA Tech Bulldogs beat UNLV decisively. Tech now moves to 5-0, and it’s our best start since the 1975 season. The AP poll now has Tech ranked at number 23. This is only the second time Tech has ever been ranked by the AP. The first time was near the end of the 1999 season when Tech was 8-2. The Coach’s poll has Tech ranked at number 24, and it’s Tech’s first time to appear on this poll.

The Bulldogs face their biggest test of the year when they meet #22 Texas A&M next Saturday. The good news is that it’s a home game for Tech. The bad news is that this will be the toughest defense Tech’s high-flying offense has had to face all year. They go in as underdogs, so I will be pulling for the upset. Watch out Aggies!


  • don sands

    Great looking uniforms. With all the ugly uniforms out there in our day, it’s nice to see cool football team colors.

    Hope your Bulldogs do well for you. A&M will be a challenge for sure. I’m rooting for the Mountaneers this year. I’m a Terrapins fan, but there football stinketh. B-Ball and Lacrosse is our game.

  • Michael Anthis

    Sorry Denny…more bad news for you. Your Bulldog defense is statistically one of the worst in the nation (#109). Johnny Manziel and our “high-flying” offense will feast on them. Overall, my fightin’ Texas Aggies will be ready and the 12th Man will assist as Kyle Field East (or Independence Bowl). A&M wins.

  • Michael Anthis

    La Tech will score on us. I have no doubt about that. They may even use a gimmick play or two that will work. But I think if its a shootout (which many are predicting) A&M will come out on top since they have the better defense of the two teams.

    My pastor, Paul Lyle (, is a proud La Tech grad too. Right now he is ecstatic that La Tech is ranked!

    Its college football and anything can happen. I expect a good game.

  • Larry Geiger

    My oh my, oh my. I saw that LSU-UF score and was blown away. I really didn’t think that Florida was ready to get back into it. Who knows, maybe something good will happen again. At least it’s not the 70’s again πŸ™‚

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