Kirsten Powers shares her conversion story on FOX News

Last month Kirsten Powers contributed an article to Christianity Today explaining her unlikely conversion to Christ. Over the weekend, Powers appeared on FOX News with the same story. This is really good stuff. Watch it above.


  • Esther O'Reilly

    I read Kirsten’s article and am grateful for her salvation, though some of her comments disappointed me. When she talked about relieved she was that she didn’t have to become like “those Christians,” I saw that as a jab at the Religious Right. I really wish she hadn’t brought politics into her testimony. To the extent that she did it seems not to be anything new. Just for once I’d like to see the RR get the credit that’s really their due.

    • buddyglass

      I’m disappointed that folks haven’t been more introspective about her comments in that regard. Here’s someone who has come into what seems to be a theologically orthodox faith and who (seems) to be saying that some set of behaviors on the part of the “religious right” were an impediment to her arriving there.

      • Esther O'Reilly

        I’m aware that’s what she’s saying. Specifically, she was put off by conservative politics. Whatever she now means by still being “progressively minded,” it can’t be good. We’re not talking about Westboro Baptist, I get the impression she’s referring to pretty standard traditionalist thinking. Which is in fact in the best accordance with a normal interpretation of the Scriptures and common sense in general. So, whether she realizes it or not, her politics still present a conflict of interest with clear-thinking, right-headed orthodox Christianity as it pertains to human relations.

  • Ian Shaw

    You’re speaking some truth there. Christians are supposed to ‘ripple’ like a rock being thrown into a pond and the wave spreading outward. It’s an issue.

    But I think it does also show another truth about the news media culture as well.

  • Brent Hobbs

    That’s a great interview – I’d love to see a longer interview where she get’s to talk at length about some of the things that get brief mention in this format. I’ve long thought Kirsten was an incredibly insightful political commentator, even though I disagreed with her sometimes. Hearing about her conversion and how God has worked in her life was really cool. I hope God will user her in a powerful way for his kingdom.

  • Don Gorman

    Sen. Mark Hatfield was a believer in Christ. He was also politically liberal but spoke out for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. Sen. Hughes, a former alcoholic, found deliverance from his sin by believing the truth of Jesus. He had a lot to do with the conversion of Charles Colson. We can be politically conservative and say all the right things and be lost spiritually and dead in your sin.

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