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Kevin DeYoung Gives Me My Purpose in Life

Kevin DeYoung’s message from the NEXT conference is outstanding. He calls us to cease our fixation with ecclesiastical revolution and instead to become “visionary plodders.” That little phrase—visionary plodders—is one that you can hang your hat on. The idea is that we should take the long view on our Christian walk. Revolutions can occur, but they are more likely to occur over a lifetime. What that means is that we are called to be faithful in the small things every day. A life that accumulates that kind of faithfulness over the long haul is a revolutionary life.

Kevin DeYoung hasn’t literally given me my purpose in life, but he has given me a phrase that I plan to hang on to. It sums up in succinct fashion what I believe the Bible calls us to be—visionary plodders.

You need to hear this message. You can download it here or press the play button below. Here’s the outline.


Also, DeYoung has a short article in Tabletalk magazine that sums up some of the same material.

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