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Keith & Kristyn Getty

Keith and Kristyn Getty are probably best known for their song “In Christ Alone.” It’s already become a modern day classic and is sung in churches all over the world. The Getty’s song-writing, however, goes far beyond just this one song. They are on a mission to write gospel-centered, bible-saturated, doctrinally-sound hymns for the Christian church. You will not find any “Jesus is my girlfriend” type songs with the Getty’s. They are producing God-exalting material, and I think their ministry is a great gift to the church.

Tonight, the Getty’s performed a free concert on the campus of Southern Seminary, and this performance wasn’t just any concert. It was a worship service. I hope and pray that churches will embrace the gospel-vision of the Getty’s and their music. If you haven’t purchased any of their music, you should. Not only that, you should buy some for the worship leader at your church.

Take a look at the Getty’s website ( and download some tunes. You’ll be glad you did.


  • Tom Cabral

    I bought their CD when they were at Southeastern Baptist, and have been blessed with uplifting, Christ exalting music. Thank you Jesus for gifting them to bless us!

    Tom Cabral

  • Paul

    synth strings should be banned. Beyond that, they are far better than I remembered them.

    Keith & Kristyn, if you read this:

    synth strings are for gay, prius driving democrats who send weekly checks to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

    The guy who invented the synth string patch voted for Obama 3 times in every one of the contiguous United States and once commented that those muslim folks aren’t so bad after all.

    Other than that, the music’s great. Thanks for your efforts.

  • Russ Ware

    In Christ Alone is a great song.

    As a worship leader for 17 years at a church that was trying to create a Sunday worship experience that was deep, challenging, meaningful and with a sense of ‘sacramentality,’ I greatly value artist who are producing truly meaningful songs for the Church.

    To me that means not just theologically sound, but truly theologically moving texts along with artistry befitting the beauty and power of the text… the kind of stuff you find so often in great ancient prayers and liturgy.

    We had some favorites over the years… Tim Hughes, Charlie Hall, early and lesser known Delirious (still great stuff), Robbie Seay, etc… along with great historic music of the Church.

    But, by far the best in terms of musical excellence and theological and lyrical depth currently is Matt Maher. No one even comes close to this guy right now IMHO.

    So, check this guy out too. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  • Russ Ware

    If you do want to check out Maher, ‘Empty and Beautiful’ is the newest album, his first ‘record label’ release. But ‘Overflow’ is really his best up to this point.

    If you are into liturgy at all, check out his beautiful settings of the Kyrie and the Agnus Dei on his first album, ‘The End and the Beginning.’ Both settings mix the greek/latin refrains with ‘verses’ in English. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Irving Bible Church favorites!

    If you check out the ‘Overflow’ album, ‘Unwavering, ‘Alive in You’ and ‘Come to the Water’ are absolutely fabulous with congregations. The recording doesn’t even tell the story. Worship leaders take note… these songs WORK. They hearken back to the days when our music really taught us theology. I think these songs (and others like them) actually changed our people!

  • Paul

    Based on Empty and Beautiful, I’d say that this Matt Maher guy is just trying to be the latest flavor of the month on the CCM stations. I’ve heard this stuff 1000 times, and frankly, it offends me worse than Tool playing while singing the poetry of Nietszche while the ghost of Hume dances a jig through it all.

    If God gave you talent, have enough respect for God to DO something with that talent. That’s what kills me about 99% of Christian music.

    I think when Mute Math puts out a praise music CD, I’ll finally have something nice to say…

  • Russ Ware

    Wow, Paul. I really wish you would listen to more of Matt’s stuff before you make such strong statements. That album is not his best, and the record company influence is clearly evident. But even on Empty and Beautiful if you take time to listen or look at the lyrics, you will find this is not typical CCM fare. Many of us Maher fans were disappointed with this album on a number of levels… that’s why I pointed to some of his better stuff in my second post. 🙂

    Note to self… when posting to a heavy duty Reformed-Baptist blog, even posts recommending some good music make evoke nuclear strikes of vitriol. 😉

  • Paul


    1) As a musician with discs out myself, I understand the need to keep everybody informed of your newest stuff, even to the exclusion of older stuff. That said, man, if your old stuff is that much better, then you have a duty to make sure that people can easily hear it. Point me to where I can hear his older stuff, and I’ll check it out. But on his site, the only disc you can hear is his newest.

    2) I get so sick and tired of the “but the lyrics are great” argument. Sorry, dude, but I have loads more respect for the person that recognizes that great lyrics with lackluster melodies, static harmonies or limp rhythms is still just lackluster, limp and static. I don’t care what the “purpose” is (I’ve had THAT discussion with you before), if you’re putting out a piece of art (which a CD/album/8 Track is), then the purpose THERE is to make the best music you can make.

    If the best music you can make is lackluster, static or limp, you really need to sell insurance and give up on the music thing, regardless of what your friends and your mom tell you.

    As for Keith and Kristyn Getty, their music is way more beautiful than I remembered it and I look forward to tracking down more of it.

  • Russ Ware

    Paul… OK man. 🙂

    The funny thing is… I don’t even listen to much ‘Christian music’ (whatever that means). Mutemath is an exception… so we agree on that. (I do wish their LP was as good as their EP)

    I’ll bet we actually agree on a lot of things musically. Even what you say about lyrics. I agree. The problem with most ‘Christian music’ is that both lyrics and music are bad.

    I probably wouldn’t listen to Matt Maher if it weren’t for being a worship leader and knowing how powerful so many of his songs have been in that context. Truly, it really is head and shoulders above the typical Tomlin and Hillsongs fare. Musically, the Getty’s stuff doesn’t do much for me… musical taste is indeed subjective.

    I guess I was just a little taken aback at your personal attack of Maher. It seemed a bit over the top, you only having barely listened to one recording from the man.

    And it’s ironic… I was so proud of myself for keeping my mouth shut on Denny’s recent John MacArthur post. 🙂

  • Paul


    there was no personal attack on Mr. Maher. In listening to his latest disc, I’ve simply heard the same textures, same trying to sound like a TV commercial sound that ruins so much of the CCM field. That DOES offend me. Like I said, if his earlier music is more solid, point the way, and I’ll gladly listen.

    I am glad that we both agree on Mute Math. I wonder what Denny thinks of them. As a percussionist, I really like their drummer. Lots of imagination, and tons of chops.

  • Tyler

    Paul, I simply cannot believe that you would make such pious and arrogant remarks. Although I am a student at SBTS, it is people like you who are turning me off to the SBC. Let’s remember that Jesus said that unbelievers will know us by our LOVE, not by our degree of being RIGHT.

    It’s the outward expression of our faith that draws people to the cross, not ignorant remarks like yours.

  • Paul


    I am not SBC. The closest I get to SBC is occasionally hanging out in South Bend City. As a mennonite, I am not allowed to fight, so the closest I come is snarky remarks about bad singer songwriters and Republicans.

    I love how comments in LOVE are always supposed to be huggy and lovey and the like. It is love for Christ and His kingdom that gives me zeal for the music made on behalf of His kingdom. So, pardon me if I feel its long past time to start knocking over the money changers’ tables in Nashville for putting out awful music in the name of being profitic instead of prophetic.

  • Russ Ware

    I think Tyler might have been being ironic… not sure… I can’t always tell with you guys. 😉

    So… a Reformed Baptist, a Mennonite and a Lutheran go into a bar… 🙂

  • Paul

    “I about fell out of my chair when I saw that Paul was being chided for being an intolerant Reformed Baptist.”

    It happens all the time. In the middle of the greetings and welcomes portion of our service every week, someone will stand up, point and glare at me and scream…”YOU INTOLERANT REFORMED BAPTIST!”

    It’s pretty much how I know that we’ve got about 10 minutes left until the benediction.

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