Justin Taylor on the Emerging Church

Justin TaylorI get asked all the time, “What is the emerging church?” Usually when this happens, what they want is just a quick definition of what it is and whether or not they should be for it or agin’ it. So I give them my thumb-nail definition and a brief evaluation and critique of the movement.But I have one more resource to give to them, now that Justin Taylor has written his own brief definition and evaluation of the emerging church. His short essay, “An Emerging Church Primer,” is a part of the most recent 9Marks Newsletter, and it is a helpful introduction to a very complicated and diverse movement. Justin writes from a reformed, evangelical perspective, and I think his final critiques are right on the mark.

Another short article written by someone who is sympathetic to the emerging church is written by the New Testament scholar, Scot McKnight.  It appeared in The Covenant Companion magazine under the title “The Future or Fad? A Look at the Emerging Church Movement.” I think you might find this article useful as well.
From now on, however, when I am asked what the emerging church is, I will give them my spiel, and then I will direct them to Taylor’s article. I hope you will too.

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  • kirsten rodgers

    Do you know anyway I can contact Justin Taylor? I am interested in seeing if he could come talk at Grove City College. Thank you!

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