Justin Taylor Interviews Piper and His Successor

Last week, Justin Taylor sat down for an interview with John Piper and his successor, Jason Meyer. Piper and Meyer give a candid glimpse into the process that led Bethlehem Baptist Church to select Meyer as their next pastor. Watch this, and witness a clear testimony of God’s faithfulness to His people.

(HT: Colin Hansen)


  • Mike

    I praise God for Piper. I’m sure Meyer will be a blessing too. My concern is how he is so very much like Piper in everyway in the pulpit. Before we knew about the succession we heard him preach and we thought it was Piper. I mean everything from intonation to gestures, all speech patterns are the same. It’s kind of weird. Sure it’s a form of flattery. But I think it’s a concern as if he is being selected because its like they are not really losing Piper. It’s just another younger one. That’s my concern. Why not be yourself in the pulpit. Take the things, godly patterns you admire from your mentor but be yourself. I’m sure Meyer would be even better if he was Meyer and not Piper. Also without being too critical why all the emphasis and quasi yelling/ pleading with virtually every single sentence. Pleading and a heightened accent in speech is great once in a while to emphasize a point but listen to Meyer and his whole message is like that. It’s so much that nothing is really emphasized as everything has too much emphasis. Just a thought I hope helps.

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