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Jane Russell (1921-2011)

You have probably heard the news by now that Jane Russell—a legend of the silver screen—has passed away. What you may not have known (at least I didn’t) is that she was a professing Christian. Christianity Today has a fascinating interview with Ms. Russell from 2009 in which she discusses being a Christian in Hollywood, her gospel singing career, and her pro-life advocacy. She even shares a personal story about her own near death experience after having an abortion as a young woman. Here’s an excerpt:

“Yes. I [had an abortion] before I was married, and I almost died, and there was a real judgment on there, and I thought, ‘Well, if I can’t have any children, I’m going to adopt them.’ So I got involved in adoption, and it was like the Lord just led me around by the nose to the right people. We finally got an organization called WAIF [World Adoption International Fund] going, because a waif is a child without a home, and I got totally involved with that. Mom would say things like, ‘There’s a path the Lord wants you to go on, and if you fall off, he will rub your nose in it, and then you’ll know what’s wrong with that situation, and he’ll try to help fix it.’ And she said that’s the way all the charities have gotten started: it’s always somebody has had their nose rubbed in that problem. So we just started working on adoption. We got lives changed, we got children coming in from other countries, and it was amazing.”

I think Jane Russell’s mom was wise. Read the rest here. RIP.

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  • James K.

    I heard a story yesterday on NPR about her death and they stated that she was an active Christian and gospel singer. It was a good news piece.

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