“We will raise the flag of Allah in the White House”

[WARNING: There are disturbing images of violence in the video below.]

A reporter with Vice News has some chilling footage from his recent embed with ISIS fighters in Iraq. Among other things, a fighter warns, “We will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.” This particular statement comes at about 5:04, but you should take time to watch the entire report. See above.

[WARNING: There are disturbing images of violence in the video above.]

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      • Ian Shaw

        True pluralism from Google I guess. I suppose they see nothing morally or culturally wrong with giving a platform for an ideology to spread images of murderd/tortured, decapitated bodies. I guess this is the new standard of no standards, right?

  • Ian Shaw

    I’m all for setting high goals for yourself, but I think they’re biting off a bit more than they can chew with that statement.

  • Ken Temple

    Ian – “high goals” – to conquer the white house and fly the flag of Islam from the White House. yes, but . . .

    The point is, if IS / ISIS / / ISIL is left alone, they could create training camps like the ones that Al Qaeda created in Afghanistan, and plan some really bad terror attacks on the USA. They are more radical than Al Qaedah. They must be stopped. They are attracting Jihadi type Muslims from all over the world – if 5 % or 10 % of Muslims ( 10% of over one billion people) believe in the re-establishment of the Caliphate and Jihad and Surah 9:28-29 and putting Jews and Christians under the Dhimmi system (Submit, pay the Jiziye tax, or die), they could establish a big Islamic country there, if no one stops them. 5 % of over one billion is still a lot of people!! Even some Americans and Europeans are going there to join the Jihad.

    President Obama and his team seem very naive about Islam and Salafi – Jihadist Islam. Calling what Nidal Hasan did at Fort Hood as “work place violence” is really dumb and they all need to wake up. Leftists / secularists need to wake up.

    Other Jihadists are already admitting that they are joining from all over other Muslim countries and even USA Muslims, etc. because of the success of this ISIS group and the desire for Muslims to re-establish a Sunni Caliphate (successor of Muhammad), which that office was abolished by Ataturk, the secular founder of modern Turkey, in 1924. The Muslim Brotherhood was established soon after that in protest against abolishing the Caliphate; which is Islamic doctrine going all the back to right after Muhammad died. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, founded by Hasan Al Banna and heavily promoted by Sayeed Qutb (the inspiration for Ayman Al Zawahiri and Osama Ben Laden) are the roots and all Jihadist type philosophies come from that – Hamas, Boko Haram, Al Qaedah – they all do back to the Qur’an and the Sunnah (Hadith – traditions of the prophet Muhammad) and they are acting out what those texts tell them.

    Wake up!

    • Ian Shaw

      Ken- my comment was more of satire/sarcasm to their declaritive statement. I would agree that their fanaticism is contagious on that region of the world and beyond and persecution of others needs to be stopped. That being said, their goal from a physical/logistical opportunity, there’s way too many firearms in the hands of civilians for something like that to ever happen in this country.

      That is of course, unless the progressives go retroactive in future firearm bans and remove them from households. Then and only then, machinists will be the only people with firearms.

    • James Stanton

      Ken, these leftists and secularists you think need to wake up to the threat of ISIS are currently in control of a government that has been actively fighting and killing jihadists in large numbers for over a decade. The same type of people who advised the previous administration on the nature of threats against the US are advising the current WH. Do not be fooled that the foreign policy of our two main parties differ significantly.

      The Muslim world is quite fractured and divided, to our good fortune, and the idea of a caliphate headed by the ISIS leader is not very popular in most Muslim countries and with most Muslims.

      Still, you are right that 5% or 10% of 1 billion is a very large amount of people. The key difference between our current approach is perhaps one of tactics. It is far better to engineer a competent and working government in Iraq that can fight ISIS on their ground with some support from the US than put our forces back in to fight an insurgency where they are at a disadvantage.

      ISIS is perhaps more savage than Al Qaeda but they are not more radical. In fact, ISIS was the Al Qaeda affiliate in Iraq in its previous incarnation. They do not need training camps to plan terror attacks against the US. They can do this from a coffee shop and you should assume that various plots are already in motion as have occurred in the past.

  • Ken Temple

    ISIS is perhaps more savage than Al Qaeda but they are not more radical.

    ok, I agree with you.

    In fact, ISIS was the Al Qaeda affiliate in Iraq in its previous incarnation.

    You are correct; those guys leading ISIS/ IS now were the ones who took over Al Qaeda in Iraq after we killed Abu Musab Al Zarqawi in 2006. You are right about that.

    If they are same advisors, why did they advice Obama to get rid of words like “Islamic” terror and “Jihadists”, etc. and call them “work place violence” and “man made incident”, etc. ?

    • James Stanton

      Ken, by advisors I am referring to the CIA types that provide intelligence to whoever occupies the White House. I looked into the Nidal Hasan case and it seems it was the DOD/Army investigation that characterized that event as “work place violence”. That seems wrong but I don’t believe the debate over which terminology to use is particularly meaningful other than it makes some people angry.

  • Ken Temple

    You are right that most Muslims will not agree with their claims of re-establishing the Caliphate; however, 2 %, or 5 %, or 10% of over one billion is still a lot of people that can do a lot of damage to humanity.

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