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Is there a difference between male and female?

This is not intended to be funny. It’s intended to reveal that as a culture we have become completely unmoored from reality. These college students are not outliers. Many young men and women have been weaned on the idea that there is no difference between men and women.Yes, there may be biological differences, but those biological differences have no necessary relationship to one’s identity.

These students have drunk deeply from the well of propaganda flowing from the gender studies department. As a result, they don’ t know the difference between male and female, and they don’t seem too concerned about it.

This is the unraveling of a civilization. The downstream effects of this confusion will not be happy for us. What you are seeing here is a willingness to abandon reason and common sense in order to prop-up fictional identities. To put it in theological terms, it’s “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” (Rom. 1:18). It’s evicting God’s revelation about the way things are in order to ensconce an anthropological fiction.

But at the end of the day, water will wet you. Fire will burn. Two plus two still equals four. There are things that do not change no matter how much the sexual revolutionaries might wish them away. The only question is how long our culture will go along with their fictions.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion…” -Gen. 1:27-28


  • Luther Wesley

    It has not been so much a slippery slope as it has been a being of lemmings running full blown over the cliff.

    Less than thirty years ago this lack of basic discernment and common sense which leads to the denial of reality was unheard of in much of the country.

    It just goes to show that once a society and individuals worship the creature more than the creator being turned over to a delraved mind is not far over the horizon.

  • Robert Olsen

    This is really interesting. I want to see how this plays out when they realize there is no such thing as “men’s” and “women’s” athletics. How would it look to see Michael Phelps swimming against XX females or Usain Bolt running against XX females? Or the University of Tennessee’s “women’s” basketball team comprised of 6’8″ XY males?

    What will they say then? XX Women athletics will end, and it will be just like the old days where there are no XX women athletic teams. It will be interesting to see how Feminists deal with Transgenderism when it comes to this.

    Based on the views of these students, it renders the Title IX athletic information unintelligible, or worse, bigoted. See here for a quick perusal of Title IX and see how this is even meaningful anymore…

    • Ian Shaw

      All Phelps has to do is say he identifies as a woman and he’d win another dozen gold medals…..

      I agree wholly though. It basically neuters (pardon the horrible pun) Title IX.

    • buddyglass

      Re: men’s and women’s athletics.

      You needn’t ascribe to Denny’s view of gender in order to support separate sports leagues. As he said, even those who view “gender” as fluid (and separate from biological “sex”) still recognize that such a thing as “biological sex” exists.

      They would, presumably, support different leagues based on “biological sex”. Because biological sex is relevant to one’s capacity to play certain sports, regardless of what gender one perceives one’s self to be.

      • Robert Olsen

        So then would they say while you identify as a woman, you can’t play female sports? Isn’t that discrimination? If they can use a woman’s locker room, then they can play women’s athletics.

        • buddyglass

          “So then would they say while you identify as a woman, you can’t play female sports?”

          They would reclassify the leagues as “biologically male” and “biologically female” instead of “men’s” and “women’s”. So if you were a biological male who identified as a woman you would be disallowed from playing in a league for biological females. But that league wouldn’t be a “women’s” league per se; it would be a league for biological females.

  • Ian Shaw

    Orange County Supertones- ‘Fire’

    “Same old deception, in a brand new disguise.
    What’s good and evil?
    You decide,
    God says who he is,
    And no one is higher,
    God is true while men are liars.
    God doesn’t change with your desires,
    They get defensive,
    Truth is so offensive.
    They believe in nothing,
    We believe in one thing.
    Afraid to be inspired,
    All that we desire is fire,

  • Christiane Smith

    Hi DENNY,
    the relationship of ‘either to other’ has been confused since Eden, thanks to the ‘fall’ when we lost perspective, a perspective that can only be restored fully ‘in Christ’

    “A human being, whether male or female, is a person, and therefore, “the only creature on earth which God willed for its own sake”; and at the same time this unique and unrepeatable creature “cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of self”. Here begins the relationship of “communion” in which the “unity of the two” and the personal dignity of both man and woman find expression. Therefore when we read in the biblical description the words addressed to the woman: “Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you” (Gen 3:16), we discover a break and a constant threat precisely in regard to this “unity of the two” which corresponds to the dignity of the image and likeness of God in both of them. But this threat is more serious for the woman, since domination takes the place of “being a sincere gift” and therefore living “for” the other: “he shall rule over you”. This “domination” indicates the disturbance and loss of the stability of that fundamental equality which the man and the woman possess in the “unity of the two”: and this is especially to the disadvantage of the woman, whereas only the equality resulting from their dignity as persons can give to their mutual relationship the character of an authentic “communio personarum”.
    (John Paul II, from the apostolic letter ‘Mulieris Dignitatem’)

  • Ike Lentz

    Ugh Denny, no more of these videos. They take a complex issue and turn it into a Jimmy Kimmel bit in the guise of a “study” from a policy institute. How does this help anyone who actually struggles with trans issues?

  • Ian Shaw

    There is a clear distinction. If you try to make so many things fluid, they need to see how much of an issue that will be when you follow that logic to its natural conclusion. Even Nietzsche knew that.

    Rumors are coming around that Bruce Jenner wants to transition back to a man, which logically makes no sense because he has always been a man. I bet ESPN is kicking themselves about their push in this matter now….

  • Ken Abbott

    Doubtful, Ian. Management at ESPN will either carry on as if nothing had happened or they’ll have their on-air “talent” rant about conservative haters forcing Jenner back in the closet.

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