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Is “Game Change” Movie One-sided?

I’m no shill for Governor Sarah Palin, but the new trailer for the movie Game Change has me scratching my head. This is the third of three teasers, and all three trailers make it look like the entire story is about Palin and her incompetence.

I read Game Change when it came out (I couldn’t put it down). The book has three parts. Part one focuses on the Democratic primary, part two on the GOP primary, and part three on the general election. Palin doesn’t enter the story until the middle of part three. The book does not cast a good light on Palin, but neither does it do so on any of the other candidates from either side except Senator Barack Obama.

Why does this movie appear to focus on the pratfalls of only one side?


  • Christiane

    I’ve heard Sarah never actually said the ‘I can see Russia from my house’ thing . . . it was said as a joke by Tina Fey on SNL.

    true or false ?

  • Matthew Brown

    The Hollywood Establishment sees Obama as an ideal President, so it is not going to cast him in any kind of negative light.

    • Paul

      The “Hollywood Establishment” just swore that they wouldn’t give another dime to Obama’s campaign because of his smackdown of SOPA/PIPA. So save the “media elite” garbage, please.

      The reason that a movie like this would focus on Palin is because she’s the most entertaining one to watch. No one else on the Republican ticket (McCain included) made for a good storyline. Huckabee might have been a great candidate (and had he won the nomination, he would have had my vote), but his story was about as interesting as melba toast.

      On the Democratic side, you had Hilary (who would have made the better president, clearly) and Obama (probably the best CANDIDATE to ever run for office – let’s see if anyone sees what I mean by that). But, what kind of cinema can you turn out of that? Someone will clearly make an Obama bio-pic one day, and it’ll make a great story there, but in the meantime…

      But then there’s Palin. Plucked out of absolute obscurity, without being vetted, and seemingly without being talked to, she was an absolute embarrassment to the Republican party and might have cost McCain the race. Between the super-folksy “charm” and the absolute lack of poise, there’s a great and entertaining story to be told. I just wish I still had HBO so I could see it.

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