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Interview about Complementarianism with Janet Mefferd

Yesterday, I sat for interview about complementarianism on the Janet Mefferd program. Janet had followed the online conversation between me and Rachel Held Evans and was interested to explore whether or not complementarianism really is patriarchy. I gave her my opinion on that question as we discussed a number of biblical passages. You can download the interview here or listen to it below.

Interview with Janet Mefferd


It’s very difficult to say everything that needs to be said on a topic like this one in a single interview. I recently preached an expositional sermon at my church on Ephesians 5 that gives a more systematic presentation of the Bible’s teaching on complementarianism in marriage. If you are interested in hearing that, you can download it here or listen below.

“Husbands, Wives, and the Glory of God” – by Denny Burk



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