Ingram wins Alabama’s 1st Heisman

In the closest Heisman vote ever, Mark Ingram brings Alabama its first ever Heisman trophy. I wish Tebow would have won it, but Ingram’s win was well-deserved. Congratulations.


  • Matt Svoboda

    Well deserved? He didn’t even win best RB… Gerhart and Suh got screwed by politics. Suh and Gerhart nominated in the biggest games and had RIDICULOUS numbers… Suh was possibly the best DT to ever play college football.

    Heisman should officially say is it an award for the “Most outstanding player on the best team.”

  • Scott

    Ingram won this award because of the endless SEC hype machine. The award was pushed on him from early on. Gerhart wins this if he played on any SEC team.

  • John

    Ingram won the award becasue he led his team to an undefeated season and got all of those yards against SEC defences…
    Suh was incrediable against Texas, but if Texas had that much trouble against Nebraska…wait till they play an SEC D.

  • Scott

    The vaunted SEC defenses!

    You do realize he also ran behind an SEC o-line, had an SEC quarterback, and SEC talent all over his team (if we’re playing that game)!

    On the other hand, Gerhart played against stacked lines, on a vastly undermanned offense, against quality defenses.

  • John

    How many yards would Gerhart get in the SEC? He was a little under 200 yds ahead of Ingram in total yards and he played against teams with no D.

    Ignorant? Just google BCS Championships and note what happens when a SEC team plays any other conference…they have never lost a championship game regardless of who they are playing.
    Nebraska had a great D, but man for man they do not measure up with Alabama D or the Florida D for that matter.
    I won’t bother to ever comment on your tougher O than the SEC except to point out that the best O in the conference last year was Texas Tech and Old Miss beat them! Old Miss!!

  • Darius T

    Florida’s D??? Seriously? You gotta be kidding me, their defense is worthless. They play no offense all year until Alabama and then get stomped. If they faced an offense with a pulse before the SEC championship game, they would be shown to be pretenders. Nebraska’s D is significantly better than Florida’s, but because they are the team that offense forgot, they wouldn’t probably be able to beat Florida.

  • John

    I watch it, but I don’t drink the kool aide you seem to drink. I lived in Fort Worth for three years and heard the same stuff over and over again about the SEC…the proof will be shown once again in Jan…
    I’m a Auburn guy and hate the thought of Bama winning another one, but it will happen…

  • Nathan

    Granted, OU is a choker in BCS games, but that shouldn’t take away from Nebraska’s D.

    By the way, this game is lining up to be a replay of Texas vs. USC when everyone said Texas didn’t have a chance because USC was perfect and unbeatable. And Mack Brown is undefeated in BCS games, so something will give.

    Besides, Nick Saban has no class. Why would you want him to win? Ask LSU and Miami what they think of Saban.

  • Scott

    Saban is universally recognized as a jerk, just go look at the recent survey of college football players. He was overwhelmingly chosen as the coach “you wouldn’t want to play for.”

  • Chris H

    Which of the finalists do you think would keep coaches up at night the most?

    Tebow is human after all…

    Ingram was shut down by Auburn…

    Gerhart is great, but they don’t play much D in the Pac 10…

    McCoy had a good but not great year, the only game he really dominated was the A&M game…

    But Suh, that dude gives offensive coordinators nightmares. You double team him and he still blows up your offense. He dominated more games this year than any other finalist.

  • John

    “OU dominated Florida but lost because they couldnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt finish drives…” Dominated? Darius, I don’t know you, but you are drinking some funny kool aide…total yards FL 480 OU 363, Time of Possession FL 34:57 OU 25:03. You are right about one thing…OU lost.
    I have other things to do so I’ll wait to comment again until Jan 8!

  • Matt Svoboda


    Maybe you don’t realize NUs last 2 National Championships were NU beating Florida 62-24 and then Tennessee 42-17.

    NUs defense does stack up to Bamas and Floridas. NU was number 2 in scoring defense and in the top 15 in every major category. Dont be naive of football outside the SEC.

  • John

    12 years ago NU had a great team and they did beat two SEC teams. NU’s D is great, but they have absolutely no O. My whole debate in this blog goes back to what someone called the endless SEC hype machine.
    There are great teams out there, but team for team and player for player the SEC is the best and that is proven time and time again.
    There are times when teams out of the SEC beat SEC teams, but the majority of the time the SEC wins.
    I give up the debate and will let Jan 7 play it out.

  • Matt Svoboda

    Just so you SEC fans know, most “experts” have been calling the Pac 10 the best conference this year. I watched a video last night in which ESPNs Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach both said the Pac 10 was the strongest from top to bottom. They argue, and I agree, that the SEC has two great teams, but their middle is significantly down from years past. The Pac 10 has one top 10 team, but their middle is by far the strongest compared to other conferences.

  • Darius T

    I will readily admit that the Big 12 is not that great this year (though Nebraska’s resurgence looks good for the future of the conference). Why can’t SEC fans be similarly honest in admitting that their conference is not that great? Maybe it’s gang busters compared to the Big 10… but you have one great team, one good team, and a bunch of wannabes who are rebuilding (some perpetually). I agree with most college football commentators that the PAC 10 is the best this year… first time in perhaps ever.

  • Darius T

    John, I watched the game between Florida and OU. Any honest viewer would admit that Florida was very lucky to get to halftime still in the game, by all rights it should have been a blowout by then. Stats don’t mean a whole lot, I could give you a ton of examples where one team has 200 more yards than the opponent but loses by two touchdowns and is generally dominated.

  • John

    I’ll be the first to admit the SEC is not as good this year top to bottom as they have been, but the PAC 10? I watched the Oregon–Oregon State game and while it was a lot of O–they had absolutely no D…
    I know some of you will blow a gasket, but I think the top five SEC teams could beat any PAC 10 team this year…
    The SEC D is simply fast enough to run with them and big and strong enough to stop them and they could not stop the running game of most SEC teams.
    I will admit they could beat Vandy and Kentucky and maybe Miss State…maybe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Darius T

    Now you just proved you’re a homer. I have always thought the Pac-10 overrated, but after seeing firsthand what Oregon and Stanford did to USC, I have to admit that they’ve had a good year, much better than the other conferences. The SEC has no offense at all. Alabama has yet to find a good QB, which means that if Florida (or the other SEC teams) had anything of a defense, they would have stuffed the Tide.

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