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    Ann Coulter Needs To Repent (part 2)

    I wrote last June against Ann Coulter’s sharp tongue when she said concerning some 9-11 widows, “I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much” (“Ann Coulter Needs To Repent” [part 1]). After she called John Edwards a “faggot” last weekend, I thought I would write again today to say that it is important for Christians to disassociate themselves from vile rhetoric such as hers. I cannot, however, say it any better that Dr. Albert Mohler has done, so I refer you to his blog post, “Recovering Civility . . . and Refusing to Deny the Obvious.” Mohler writes:

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    Ann Coulter Needs to Repent

    I haven’t read the context of Ann Coulter’s remarks; her book won’t be released until tomorrow. So all I have seen so far are the excerpts in the Associated Press.According to the AP, Coulter’s new book has some pretty nasty things to say about a certain group of liberal-leaning 9-11 widows. The AP contains the following description of Coulter’s remarks: Coulter writes in a new book, “Godless: The Church of Liberalism,” that a group of New Jersey widows whose husbands perished in the World Trade Center act “as if the terrorist attacks happened only to them.”She also wrote, “I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much” (source). Like…

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    Rejecting the Coulterization of Politics

    I am calling once again for conservatives to reject the Coulterization of politics (read my previous posts on this topic). Ann Coulter brings public discourse to new lows on a regular basis, and Christian conservatives in particular should have no part of it. The latest example appears in an exchange that Coulter had with Elizabeth Edwards (wife of presidential candidate John Edwards) on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews. You can watch a video of the encounter, or you can read the following transcript of the exchange: