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In My Place

A few weeks ago, a small group of us gathered at our church for a midweek night of worship. During that meeting, we recorded a new song written by our worship pastor Matt Damico. It’s titled “In My Place,” and it is a really wonderful, fitting tribute on this Good Friday.

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In My Place

Verse 1
God in heaven, high and holy,
measure of all good and beauty,
who can stand before the fire of holiness?

Verse 2
Sinners here so poor and needy,
who would come and clear the guilty?
If you numbered all our sins, Lord, who could stand?

In my place He stood,
all my debt nailed to the wood.
All my stains washed white
by the blood of Christ, my life.

Verse 3
Justice satisfied at Cal’vry;
sin there silenced by His mercy.
Where, O death, is your reply to Christ, our King?

Verse 4
Saints, forgiven, sing to Jesus;
bow before the lamb slain for us.
Hallelujah to the Savior evermore!

Music and lyrics by Matt Damico