How the Tigers Got to the Championship

The big game is tomorrow, and I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to see LSU put a shellacking on Ohio State. The road to this championship was less than orthodox for the Tigers, and ESPN’s Pat Forde describes the drama this way.

“This was a maximum-dose, maximum-drama season. Team Cliffhanger put its fans through more tense moments than I can recall from a single team. It was one long autumn on the ledge, a season of endless suspense, a near-weekly assault on the central nervous system. Les Miles rolled the dice so often he should have entered Gamblers Anonymous, with about a million codependents living and dying on every tumble. Hopes were dashed and revived multiple times — within games, and within the scope of the season. Huge stakes, huge swings of emotion, over and over.”

You can read the rest of it here. For those of you who are tiring of my posts on LSU football, look at the bright side. The season is over tomorrow.

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