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How the BCS Should Shake-out

After the Sooners finish shellacking Mizzou tonight, I think it’s pretty clear which two teams should be appearing in the BCS championship game: Florida and Oklahoma. I hate it for Texas, but it is what it is. The BCS is already the biggest sham in sports. And if Florida and Oklahoma are not the final two in the BCS formula, then I think the BCS will not survive. How could it?

On a related but unrelated note: During the SEC championship game, the camera showed Joey and Christy Allen cheering on the Gators. Christy is Tim Tebow’s sister, and she and Joey are now missionaries in an undisclosed overseas location. Joey and Christy were members of our church in Dallas, Texas, and there’s something about Joey that some of you might appreciate.

Joey is the author of a series of children’s books called “Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers.” Each volume is a primer on deep theological truths, but pitched at the level of a small child. There are books on the Trinity, the Gospel, and the Scripture. If you have little children, you should consider buying these books.


  • Matt Svoboda

    Wow… Well done Denny. Catching our attention with football and then giving us resources that will actually help us. I am impressed. I was going to rip the SEC, but I am in awe of what just happened…

  • Barry

    Joey and Christy are in Bangladesh. The TV announcer said so during the game! So much for “undisclosed”!

    I had no idea that this Joey Allen was the author of those books. My kids love them. There’s also another one called “The Mission.”

    On another note, regardless of how one feels about UF, we ought to pray for the Tebow family, and esp. Tim. To be one of the greatest college players of all time with the possibility of being a Heisman winner more than once, is surely a difficult place in which to be a strong believer.

  • Matt Svoboda

    I believe you are correct… First team to ever score over 60 points in 5 straight games… wow. ANd people can say, yeah against bad defenses, but realize Florida didn’t even put up 60 on The Citadel…

  • Matt Svoboda

    okay… i was wrong they did put up more than 60 on the citadel… But it really doesnt matter. SEC defenses are not any better than the Big 12s… LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee are usually good defensively and they are all down badly his year. Both conferences have 2 teams with good D. FLorida, Bama, OU, Texas…

  • Jan DeKlavon

    Although members on my side of the family are huge ‘Bama fans (2 nephews are students there), in spite of the loss all of us agreed there is a bigger picture at work here. The Tebow’s testimony hopefully will receive world-wide press for weeks to come. That might not have happened if Florida lost.

    I also agree the BCS is a such a joke. It is unbelivable that in this day and age college football still does not have a playoff system. There are several other deserving teams out there (JoePa and Penn State, for example) that should have had a shot at the National Championship, too!

  • Nathan Mayfield

    “Lets see the numbers, how many teams are in the top 50 for Total Defense. SEC – 8 Big 12 – 1”

    Maybe that’s because, other than Florida, the SEC doesn’t have any teams with Offenses.


    As an aside: Tebow is a great story.

  • Darius T

    Are you serious, Ryan? Have you watched those pathetic SEC offenses at all? Compare what Florida faced to what OU had to face every week. Plus, consider how OU was up 40-7 at half of most of their games, so when they gave up 21 points in the second half, it was after the game was already decided. But keep it up, if the media and everyone rips on the Big 12 defense like Tebow did this weekend (did you see how Meyer grimaced on Sunday when he was told that?) and picks Florida as the favorite, it will bring back memories of 2000 when Florida State was picked to wipe out the Sooners because the Sooners hadn’t faced a good offense yet…remember what happened in that game? Florida State scored 2 points. And, obviously, those weren’t scored by the offense. Stoops has never lost a big game where OU was considered the underdog, so good luck Florida.

  • Darius T

    Tebow may be a great story, but he appears to be getting too big for his britches. A little humility could go a long way there, buddy.

    Florida shouldn’t be in the championship game, it should be Texas. Florida lost to a nothing of a team AT HOME while Texas lost at the last second to a top 10 team ON THE ROAD. If the objective computers were allowed to decide it, it would be Texas-OU in a rematch.

  • Ryan McBride

    Great article on rivals about Tebow, maybe reconsider that humility statement. Plus I am a Tennessee fan, who hates Florida more then you know, but can respect a guy like Tebow.

    Also, this argument over Defenses versus offenses could go on and on. SEC teams played the top defenses week in week out, so maybe the Offenses would have been better without the great defense. But the same could be said about the great Big 12 offense. Big 12 played great offenses week in week out, so maybe the Defenses would have been better without the great offense. Just have to settle this one on the field, Florida vs. Oklahoma. Will see.

  • Lance

    I’m Sooner born and Sooner bred, but I love Tebow (did you notice what he wrote on his eyeblacks?

    Thanks for those children’s book recs—such a huge need for that today.

    I’m gonna go see if I can find them!

  • Darius T

    Thanks for the Tebow article. I like the guy, I just thought that from what I’ve seen this year at times, he’s getting a bit quick to run his mouth. Perhaps I’m wrong, maybe it’s just the competitive spirit coming out.

  • S. Hoodlum

    What’s it gonna take from you Denny to give just a TINY bit of attention to your alma mater? Making a bowl appearance for the first time since 2001 AND it’s practically a home game for them! Show a little love and consider those Bulldogs!

    Better yet – get yer sorry can to the game and cheer your team to victory!

    Oh…I almost forgot…Go Tebow!!

  • Denny Burk


    I have been so busy that I hadn’t even looked at the bowl schedule yet. In fact, at this very moment, I don’t even know where LSU is playing (if at all). I am going to remedy that very shortly, and I will have a post up about the alma mater.

    Thanks, bro!


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