How George Lucas Saved Star Wars by Firing George Lucas

Ben Domenech has a fantastic commentary on the recent sale of the “Star Wars” franchise to Disney. In short, Domenech argues that George Lucas saved “Star Wars” by firing George Lucas. Perhaps it comes as news to some of you that Star Wars needed saving. But that’s only because you have very bad taste in movies. (Just kidding…sort of)

Seriously, though. Those of us who grew up with the first three movies were by and large really disappointed with the second three movies (i.e., the prequels). From Jar Jar Binks to the goopey love affair between Anakin and what’s-her-name, the story and the characterization were abysmal in the prequels. They simply could not hold a candle to the original movies.

Domenech’s article explains why Lucas did so well with the original movies and so badly with the prequels. In short, it’s a good thing that Lucas got himself out of the Star Wars franchise because he seems to have been the one chiefly responsible for its demise. Read Domenech’s piece here.

By the way, the Twitter hashtag #DisneyStarWars is alive with suggestions for a title for Episode 7, which is to be released in 2015. Here are my favorites so far: “When You Wish Upon a Death Star,” “Hoth School Musical” and “Song of the Sith.”

[A quick shout-out to my old friend Mitch. This one’s for you!]


  • Ken Temple

    You didn’t like “Revenge of the Sith” ?

    It seemed they realized Jar Jar was bad and got him out of the way.

    1. I wish that they made the attempted arrest and fight between the 2 other Jedis vs. Palpatine longer – Palpatine killed them too quickly. (before getting to Mace Windu.) Or after Palpatine spins (that was well done and a great surprise the first time seeing it.) – he should have put one hand up and show them struggling at their necks (to let us know Palpatine is shutting them down with one hand and fighting them with the other hand/light-saber) – just my idea.

    2. Christian Haydan’s acting is sometimes ok, but other times really bad – like when he says “I submit to your teachings” was so stiff and monotone and dry and needed to be done differently, IMO.

    3. Palpatine should have approached the burning Anakin on one of those flying platform thingys – weird that they used them in other scenes with no burning lava, but not in the scene that needed it.

    But, Ian McDiarmid should have gotten some kind of an award for supporting actor for all his roles as Palpatine/Emporer. His acting out of evil and deviousness carried “Return of the Jedi” and the saved the prequels from being totally bad.

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