How an Affair Begins

Andrée Seu has a brief piece of warning about how an affair begins:

A friend of mine told me that now she understands how adultery begins.

She went to a woman’s house to drop off a package as a favor to someone, but the woman was not home. The husband was, and they exchanged pleasantries for a few moments. My friend noticed the carpentry project the man was working on and commented on his artistry. She asked him a few questions about it, and it didn’t take much to encourage him to spill forth for an hour and a half about every aspect of the work. It was fun.

At some point in the conversation, the man made the comment that his wife doesn’t let him go on and on like that about his hobbies. That’s when my friend felt a curious check in her spirit. As she drove home, she thought with a shudder how she had enjoyed the flattery of being told she is a superior listener.

This is how affairs often begin. A seemingly innocuous encounter becomes a moment of emotional connection. A weakness in a marriage gets exploited, and two families go up in flames. Be warned.

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(HT: The Gospel Coalition)


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