Honey Badger Has Been Kicked-off LSU Team

As far as college football goes, this is a bombshell—especially if you’re an LSU fan. Coach Les Miles announced today that Tyrann Mathieu has been dismissed from the LSU football team for breaking team and school rules. Here’s the statement from Les Miles:

This is a very difficult day for our team. We lose a quality person, teammate and contributor to the program. However, with that being said, we have a standard that our players are held to and when that standard is not met, there are consequences. It’s hard because we all love Tyrann. We will do what we can as coaches, teammates, and friends to get him on a path where he can have success. We are going to miss him.

Nobody knows yet why he was dismissed. The ESPN report below suggests that Mathieu may have failed a third drug test, which would result in an automatic dismissal. I think it’s premature to speculate like that. This guy was a Heisman Trophy finalist. Journalists are going to be all over this one, and I’m sure the truth will come out soon enough. As far as football is concerned, this is really bad news for LSU.



  • Jason Robertson

    The Honey Badger took what he wanted one too many times. Thankfully Coach Miles runs a solid program so that no one is bigger than the integrity of the program. This isn’t the first time that LSU has dismissed a key player (e.g. Ryan Perrilloux). Thankfully this time it wasn’t the QB; therefore, this should not effect wins/losses. At worse it effects kickoff returns. The sad lesson here is that some people never learn from their mistakes. And a lesson for us all is that we should ask ourselves, “Am I doing something that puts at risk my life, my family, my ministry, etc?”

    • Adam Cavalier

      I think Odell Beckham Jr. could be just as good on returns. LSU has always had good returners (Patrick Peterson, Trindon Holiday, etc.).

      It’s nice to know my alma mater has high standards and Miles (who attends our church on Sunday mornings – even after away Saturday night games!!!) has great integrity. No one is bigger than the program.

  • Jason Robertson

    Adam, I agree with you about Miles. I got a chance to pray with him a few years ago. He is a good man who cares more about character than wins/loses. As a native of Louisiana and a Tiger fan, I am thankful for not only Miles but for all the LSU administration such as Alleva, that continue to do the right thing. This is actually refreshing during a time when the sports headlines are dominated by programs who have a legacy of cover-ups and where certain people are considered more important than the integrity of the program. (By the way, you wrote a great article for TGC!)

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