New Hebrew-English Old Testament Based on the ESV!

I just received Crossway’s 2012 Academic & Pastoral Resources catalog yesterday, and there are two items in here that I am really excited about. They are both Bibles, and I think they will be tools that will encourage pastors and teachers to read their Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament. The first is a Hebrew-English Old Testament that displays the ESV Old Testament alongside the Hebrew text. I am most enthusiastic about this one because the diglot options for the Hebrew Old Testament are fairly limited. Now, Crossway has given us the entire BHS text laid out next to one of the best translations in English. The release date for this one is March 30, 2012, but it is already available for pre-order at

The second item is a reader’s edition of UBS Greek New Testament. There are other reader’s editions of the Greek New Testament on the market, but I believe that this is the only UBS that is available with a premium leather cover. This edition features the Greek text above notes on every page. The notes include parsings of difficult verb forms as well as translations of Greek words occurring 30 times or less in the New Testament. A dictionary in the back defines words occurring 30 times or more. This one releases on January 31, 2012, but it is also available now for pre-order from

These are two outstanding resources. May the Lord use them to help more people to read His word in the original languages!

[For those who are interested, I’m pasting below an image of the first page of Genesis from the Hebrew-English Old Testament. The image is from my iPhone camera, so it’s not that great.]



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