Greatest NBA Finals Comeback Ever

I was on the road today and have not been able to comment on last night’s big game until now. I have to say that Dallas’ win over Miami was probably the best comeback victory that I have ever seen. If you missed the game, the highlights are above.

With about seven minutes left in the game and the with the Mavs trailing by 15 points, I thought the game was over. I was already mentally preparing myself for a sweep. The Mavs ended up having more confidence than me. They went on a 22-5 run that ended with Dirk Nowitzki hitting the winning shot in the final seconds of the game. It was unbelievable.

Game 3 is going to be big. Don’t miss it this Sunday night.


  • Joe Blankenship

    5 of what I might call “our most holy interns” were wearing homemade Mavs T-shirts Friday morning! Only longterm Mavs fans (the ones buying the $5 seats during the 11 and 13 win seasons, cheering on the 3 J’s and groaning over Shawn Bradley) can feel the depths of these finals. Sweet, sweet (though admittedly small) shadows of future glory!

  • donsands

    I was watching this game, while e-mailing my son-in-law and his father about the game:– throughout the game we do this. We also do this during other B-Ball games especially the Maryland Terrapins.

    When Wade hit that 3 to put them up by 15, my last e-mail said, Good night. The game is over. And so I went to bed. To wake up to a play by play from my son-in-law. Man!!
    Thanks for posting this.

    I called the Mavs in 7. It looks a lot better now.

  • John Watson

    While I can’t argue with the title, I have to say that the greatest comeback I have ever seen is the ’02 Celtics vs the Nets in the E. Conference Finals. Down 21 entering the 4th Q, the C’s came back to win 94-90 outscoring the Nets 41-16 in the last quarter. Though I was happy the Mavs came back to win, I still think the Celtics is better.

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