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Great Review of Jim Hamilton’s Book

Dan Phillips has an excellent review of Jim Hamilton’s excellent book God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment. Phillips writes:

“Does Hamilton’s contribution stand out? My verdict is an unequivocal ‘Yes.’ What distinguishes God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment is a happy conjunction of various valuable features. I’ll enumerate, then expand on some of them.”

Read the rest of the review to see the list. If you haven’t bought Hamilton’s book yet, you need to. It’s a must-read, and it’s available here. The Kindle edition is only $7.79!

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  • RD

    I highly recommend Jim’s book, too! It’s a very serious work of serious theology. Of course, I don’t share Jim’s views on a good many points throughout the book, but I still feel that it is a masterful work. It covers the entire scope of scripture and offers a wealth of observations that deserve serious study and prayerful consideration.

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