“30 for 30” on Shawn Bradley

shawn-bradley-M4When I was in seminary, I was a night manager at the Dallas Mavericks’s practice facility. I don’t have many stories, but I do have a couple. I once fixed their shot clock with a butter knife. I also once tried to throw Steve Nash out of the facility during the 1998 NBA lockout. But I digress.

The point of this post is Shawn Bradley. In the years that I worked at the facility, Shawn Bradley was a player. Do you remember him? He was the 7’6″ center who was supposed to change the game. He turned out not to be the dominant player that everyone thought he would be. He was finishing his career just as Nash and Nowitzki were leading the Mavericks out of the wilderness of non-contention.

ESPN’s “30 for 30” just produced a documentary on Bradley, and it covers how Bradley struggled to find his place as a Mormon in the NBA. It turns out that basketball never was Bradley’s main thing, and he makes no bones about it.

This piece is only about twelve minutes long, and I recommend it. Very well done.

(HT: Josh Philpot)

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  • jim ottaway

    For me, every testimony from an intelligent Mormon is a confirmation that spiritual blindness is cured only by the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit. This is a great little video; perhaps God will save him.

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