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Give to Haiti Disaster Relief

If you are horrified by the pictures coming out of Haiti and if you have any means at all, please consider giving a financial gift to disaster relief efforts. Many news reports say that the immediate need of relief organizations is cash, and many of us can help with that right now.

Mark Kelly reports that Southern Baptist disaster relief is being led by Florida Baptists, who have had ministry relationships in Haiti for more than 20 years and currently have seven Haitian staff members who live and work in the country. Initial funding for the relief effort will come from the International Mission Board’s disaster relief fund. You can make a contribution toward that relief effort at

There are other fine relief organizations you might also consider giving to. Justin Taylor recommends Children’s Hunger Fund. Here is part of their post on how you can respond:

In a time like this, we are all called to action for the sake of those who are suffering. A team from Children’s Hunger Fund just returned on Sunday from training pastors and ministry volunteers in the Dominican Republic (DR), the country that borders Haiti. These leaders are now trained and trusted partners in the effort to bring food, aid, and hope to the poor in Haiti and the DR. By God’s grace, the sea container full of Food Paks® and other aid we shipped to them arrived in the DR last Wednesday. We have released those boxes of food for use in the relief effort so churches will begin to provide food to the suffering as early as today. In addition, we are preparing to ship a load of bottled water and an emergency food out of our San Antonio, TX distribution center. As resources come in, we will continue to direct more and more loads. It is our hope to send a minimum of 10 sea containers full of aid.

Our ministry partner in the DR, Esperanza International, is moving forward to serve those affected. Kempiz Hernandez, our Mercy Network Director over Latin America, said, “I am thankful that we have a trustworthy partner, who has wonderful relationships with many pastors and churches in Haiti to help in this disaster.”

We ask for your help today so that we will be able to provide the needed aid in a timely way. A simple gift of $24 will provide Food Paks and other aid for a family in need. You can donate HERE in our secure donation form. Please note: “Haiti Earthquake” in the comments section.

We are also calling on corporations to help with the emergency response by providing product donations and monetary contributions. Please contact us directly at 800.708.7589 and ask for our Resource Department.

Another way to help right now is to pray. Please pray with us for the children and families suffering in Haiti at this time. Pray that in the chaos, they would find comfort and that God would provide for their needs even now.

Please check back often to hear how the relief effort moves forward.

Help The Haiti Earthquake Victims – Click HERE to donate now.


  • Jada

    Thanks for posting this, Denny. Sadly, this has hit very close to home for us, specifically, our local Free Methodist conference. A young female missionary to Haiti from our conference, who is the daughter of a pastor friend, was evacuated to Guantanamo Bay for medical assistance. Thankfully, she is going to be okay. However, there are so many others who need help and still others who have lost their lives.

    I know our denomination has an account established and is already releasing money to aid in this disaster.

    As Americans, no matter what our income level, all of us have so much more than most folks around the world. At the beginning of January, our family decided to participate in an “Eat From the Pantry Challenge,” and not buy groceries for the month of January. Originally, we thought it was to save money, discern between ‘wants versus needs’, and to be creative in meal preparation. Never did we imagine that what we saved on groceries this month would be used to aid a horrific tragedy. Yet,that is what we have decided to do with our surplus.

    Each of us can do something–prayer, obviously, but something tangible, too.

    God be with all who have been impacted by this tragedy. God be with those who will go to help.

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