Giuliani: Abortion Not a Litmus Test for Judges

Rudy Giuliani says today that he won’t use Abortion as a litmus test in appointing judges to the federal bench. The Associated Press quotes Giuliani:

“Abortion is not a litmus test. Roe v. Wade is not a litmus test. No particular case is a litmus test. That’s not the way to appoint Supreme Court justices or any judge.”

Nevertheless, Giuliani did pledge to appoint judges who would strictly interpret the Constitution.

Technically speaking, this news isn’t very earth-shattering. You may remember that in the 2000 campaign, then Governor George W. Bush took precisely the same position. While abortion would not be a litmus test for his judicial appointments, Bush said he would only put forth judges who are strict constructionists. President Bush made good on his promise, and pro-lifers look with great satisfaction upon Bush’s judicial appointments.

Of course the difference here is that Bush was pro-life in principle, whereas Giuliani is not. Even though Giuliani and Bush take an ostensibly identical position with respect to judicial appointments, Giuliani’s persistent (and very public) pro-choice position continues to give pro-lifers more than enough reason to reject his candidacy.

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