Get your game-face on!

The SEC championship is tonight, and it is time to get your game-face on! These hype videos make me wanna put on pads and a helmet and pulverize someone. Does anybody else feel that way after watching one of these?

By the way, I love that this one features Reid’s goal line interception against Alabama, the crying Alabama fan, and Saban losing it on the sideline—three of my favorite highlights from the season. Classic!

(HT: Steve Hayes, a.k.a. Cajun Roast Beef)


  • Doug

    Up until last night, I was still in favor of a AL/LSU rematch for the BCS championship. After OSU destroyed OU, I think I have changed my mind. Despite losing to an unranked opponent (an almost unforgivable sin when national championships are on the line), I think they proved themselves deserving of the chance to play. This would also put LSU in a great position, because by beating 8 ranked teams, the Big East champion, the Big 12 champion and the Pac 12 champion, they would be the uncontested most dominant team in college football history.

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