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Gerson Reviews Keller’s “The Reason for God”

In his Washington Post column today, Michael Gerson reviews Tim Keller’s book The Reason for God. The review is actually more of a “Good Friday” reflection than it is a formal review. Nevertheless, I thought it would be worth passing along. Here’s an excerpt:

‘Keller is likely to be better known in short order. His 5,000-strong Manhattan congregation is a model of outreach to 20- and 30-something artists and professionals. Keller’s church symbolizes an emerging urban evangelicalism — at a recent service, he recalls, a Republican speechwriter sat near a songwriter for Madonna. Many of Keller’s parishioners are deeply skeptical of the religious right, untroubled by evolution and begin their complex spiritual journeys with serious doubts.

‘Keller explains that members of this rising generation are not so much relativists as they are philosophically rootless. “They have a deep morality, but they have no idea why.” And they generally share some objections to religious belief: that traditional faith is exclusive and intolerant and that the existence of suffering is inconsistent with the existence of a loving God.’

“Reasons for Good Friday” – by Michael Gerson (Washington Post)

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