Free Greek NT for Kindle

I have really enjoyed owning and using a Kindle e-reader—especially on trips. One of the things I have missed, however, is a good edition of the Greek New Testament for Kindle. The editions available in the Kindle store are dated and useless. I have tried to create my own version in a PDF format, but that proved to be pretty clunky as well.

I found out on Sunday that a fine e-reader version of the Greek New Testament is now available. A company called OSNOVA has recently produced a Kindle version of the SBL Greek New Testament, and it is fantastic. Here is a picture of what the text looks like:


As you can see, the accents and breathings are all included in this edition—something I haven’t see in any other Kindle editon of the Greek New Testament. Also, this editon has hyperlinks to the textual notes. You can download this text for free from OSNOVA.


  • Denny Burk

    Dr. Vines,

    The one on Olive Tree is superior. It’s the Nestle Aland text, and I use it as well on my iPhone.

    The Nestle Aland text, however, is not yet available for the Kindle or Nook. If someone is using one of those two e-readers, then the OSNOVA text is the best option.

    Great to hear from you!


  • Jerry Vines

    Well, there is a Hebrew text on Olive Tree. And, like the Greek text, it parses verbs, gives meanings of words, etc. It really helps an old school, country preacher such as I! Jerry Vines

  • RD

    I’ve been wrestling with whether to break down and purchase an e-reader. I have such mixed thoughts about the whole e-reading revolution, but I suppose it is the technology of the future.

    Do those of you who own one really use it often and like it as well (or, I shutter to think, BETTER) than reading from the classic tried and true page turner?

  • Denny Burk


    I still like physical books better and always will. I use my e-reader mainly when I travel or other times when I need to carry multiple books. For instance on trip in April, I wanted a Bible, Jayber Crow, newspapers, and magazines. Instead of carrying all those books on the plane and to the conference I was attending, all I had to carry was my e-reader.

    That’s how I use it, anyway.


  • RD


    Ah, yes, Jayber Crow! Great stuff!! You’re not being influenced by that Hamilton guy, are you?! He’s a Wendell pusher, you know! 🙂

    Thanks for the comments about the way you find the Kindle helpful. I am weakening with each passing month and see myself eventually succumbing to the Kindle temptation. I just don’t think I should give in without putting up a good fight first.

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